Sunday, September 18, 2011

Johnny English Reborn

LOL... Seeing this face you'll just want to burst out laughing! Thanks to Nuffnang for the treat again, I get to watched the premier of the movie last Tuesday night@GSC Midvalley. Thank you!
Double Johnny English in action!
I don't really have to review much about this movie, you already will know that it will be funny.

To be honest, I didn't really know that this is a sequel. I didn't really watch the first production back in year 2003. *I know LOSER!*

The movie start off with Johnny English (staring Rowan Atkinson) hiding his shame in Tibet from what had happened in Mozambique.
Flash forward eight years later, English receive a call from MI7 and was ask to return as a secret agent for a mission only he can handle.

Back to MI7 in London, English discovers that MI7 is run by a new leader, Pamela Thornton a.k.a Pegasus (staring Gillian Anderson) who really despise of English. 
English was also reunited with his idol Agent Ambrose a.k.a Agent One (staring Dominic West). English also has a side kick, Agent Tucker (staring Daniel Kaluuya) a green secret agent and Spy of the month to assist him on his mission. Kate Sumner (staring Rosamund Pike) a beautiful behavioral psychologist who is attracted to English's *ahem* awkwardness. His mission begun.
Being awkwardly-funny as he is in Mr. Bean, you will find a lot of his actions/behavior and those funny facial acts in Johnny English.
English having a meeting with Mr. President but he doesn't know which is Mr. President
Though he knows how to kick some butt with Kung Fu
Though he did complete his mission having a lot of "mishap" with his intelligent yet inexperience side kick. He manage to capture all of the bad guys except for one that always tends to get away and mislead English to capture the wrong person. She is the Killer Cleaner! She really is the baddest of them all!

If you want to have a great laugh with friends and family, just go ahead and watch Johnny English Reborn! I know I did and I miss the good old Mr. Bean days. LOL!

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