Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fright Night

Thanks to Nuffnang again, I get to watch Fright Night last last Monday night at Midvalley GSC. Yup, it's yet another overdue movie review. You will know why I'm writing this overdue blog post if you have read my previous post, so please forgive me.

Any of you who are in my decade, you probably have heard or watch the original Fright Night which is 26 years ago (I probably shouldn't be revealing how old I am). You have guess it right, this is the remake of the original Fright Night.

Thought the original one was really scary then without the CG or animate/high technology to produce a motion movie. It was scary back then. For this new one, it's more of a comedy scary movie but not like those comedy scary movies where they go overboard of being funny. This has an actual story line and scary scenes. Gave me the spooks too at certain scenes.

The movie started off where Jerry (staring Colin Farrell) is new in the neighborhood. He moved in next to Charley Brewster (staring Anton Yelchin) who lives with his mom, Jane (staring Toni Collette) and Charley has a HOT girlfriend, Amy (staring Imogen Poots).

Charley with his mom and HOT girlfriend
Told you she's HOT!!!!
The movie straight off telling us that Jerry is a vampire without having us wondering who is the vampire. I pretty much like how that they engaged us with this in the very beginning.
He is one damn HOT and FIERCE vampire!
Ed (staring Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is Charley's "secret BFF" and is the kid who plays the role of nobody believes him. He literally gave up his life to tell Charley that his neighbor is a vampire.
After Ed had erm.. die, Charley found out that what Ed is trying to tell him is the truth and how he regretted not believing him.

He has no one to consult to and he was trying to keep his best of not letting his mom and girlfriend worrying and in the mean time try to protect them from Jerry who has his eye on Amy. Phew! Talk about being a teen with no problems! LOL
Charley has only one hope to rescue the entire neighborhood. He went to find the very famous TV personnel, vampire slayer, Peter Vincent (staring David Tennant).
Charley was to found out that Peter Vincent is all glamorous on the outside and a whip on the inside. He was disappointed and sad that he has no one to battle the vampire with him. It's a solo battle!

To my surprise, the movie has a twisted phase and suppose it's the climax of the movie towards the end. The ending was expected but the twisted phase was unexpected. Not bad.

To let you wonder more, Peter Vincent is armed and his not alone.
I like how the story line was brought to us. A little bit of comedy, a little of surprise, a little bit of spookiness and gave me a lot of scares! (What?! I have a weak heart!)

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