Friday, December 23, 2011

Tak Nak

Do you ever feel curious when you see someone smoking? Everyone does, doesn't it? During my teens whenever I saw someone smoking, the first question that pops in my head is "Is it THAT cool to smoke?", the following question will be "How does it feel to suck in smelly smoke and puff it out and feel good about it?"

I guess every teenager will have these questions and those who smoke will think that they are cool too. In fact, it really isn't. ALL of it are excuses to have a puff.

I always wanted to have a puff of it when I'm around some of my smoker friends. Though I will force myself from having a try. You know what smokers always say, I can't stop after I try it. To be honest, I did tried ONCE! Just a puff?! *shameful* After that puff I will always say NO! #taknak

It's horrible! How could anyone do it! I admit my curiosity took over me but I will NEVER do it again! It really IS poison!

During my college years, I feel lucky that I only have a handful of smoker friends. That means that I'm not expose to second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is 2X the toxic that kills non-smokers! Imagine that you don't even smoke but you die because smokers smoke in front of you! *touchwood*

As I grew towards adulthood, my percentage of exposing to second-hand smoke increase. Either my co-workers are smokers or those I-can't-handle-the-so-call-stressful-society-I-need-to-smoke people are always around me.  

My handful of smoker friends has increase too, they do know that I don't smoke and they'll chose not to smoke in front of me or go far far far far far away from me to smoke. After they have smoke I still can smell the after smoke on them =.= What's the point, why not you just don't smoke when you are out with me? Most of all, I will tell them to quit. Smokers will also say "I'll quit soon" or "I'm quitting, I smoke lesser now" but yet you are still doing it! *urrggghhh* *excuses*

One thing I notice, the amount of ladies smoke has increase over the years. Especially office ladies, you will see them smoking during lunch or in between work breaks.

It's terrifying to know that ladies do smoke so often! How could they not think about their health and beauty? Everyone do know that smoking brings many types of cancer to smokers themselves and non-smokers. But they choose to be ignorant about it, ignoring the fact they know about what smoking may bring to their health and ignoring the disturbing graphical warnings printed on every single cigarette box.

Ladies smokers health are at a higher risk compare to male smokers. Ladies smokers is at higher risk in breast cancer and infertility. Fine, if you are not afraid of dying, what about beauty? You want to be ignorant about it too? Smoking makes your skin dry, you might have breakouts, yellow-ish teeth, hair loss? Tell me honestly that you don't care about you looks too?

My throat feel damn dry after a few hours of smoke exposure in clubs and my nose can hardly feel or smell anything correctly. How could yours be any different? I personally hate ignorance parents who smoke in front of their KIDS! OMG! How could they grow up healthy with you puffing tons of toxic into their lungs?!!!!

Alright, you might be wondering why am I blabbering on and on about smoking. WHY? Because smoking kills! Not just you, your loves ones too. Why are you so selfish that even you die you have to drag other people with you?!

The Ministry of Health is having a "Tak Nak" photography contest now. For more info check this out. You can get yourself some duit free for Xmas, New Year or even Chinese New Year!

What is duit free? Well, it's this contest cash prize!
• Grand Price cash-RM 1,000.00
• 2nd Price cash-RM 700.00
• 3rd Price cash-RM 500.00
• 4th Price cash-RM 300
• 5th Price cash-RM 150
• Consolation Price – Voucher Worth RM50.00

What are you waiting for? Say NO or Tak Nak to smoking and in the mean time get some cash to spend.

You may check out more health guide at
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