Monday, December 5, 2011

Say NO to Airport Tax Increase

Air Asia came to our lives and given us a lot of opportunities to explore other countries with low low low airfares. We are so blessed. Tell me are you thankful that we could get such low fares? Tell me that you haven't travel to another country with Air Asia RM0 fare promotion? Tell me that you haven't been travelling more than you used to in a year?

All this we have Air Asia to thank for. Though we have to be grateful too that we only pay for low airport tax too. Low fare + low airport tax = happy traveller.

Now, we can't take things for granted. Starting 1st December 2011, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) will increase taxes for all international departing flights.

Currently, Air Asia's airport facilities are not up to par yet and they feel that the airport tax increase is  unjustified.

Now is time for us to show our appreciation and we would want to maintain our low airfare every time we travel, Say NO to Airport Tax Increase!
Here are the list of affected airports, you may learn more on how increase airport tax affect you.
Have your say in increase airport tax to or

Remember one voice is not enough.

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