Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Before I start anything, here's the exciting trailer for you:

Thanks to Nuffnang (always!) I get to watch the premier of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 last Wednesday at Cathay Cineplax, eCurve.

Frankly, I'm not a humongous Twilight fan, I didn't read any of the books but I watch every single Saga. This saga is the best saga of all! I LOVE all vampire stories! You can say that I'm not a Twilight fan but a vampy fan LOL, Yes, I'm weird.
The Wedding of the century
This saga is just the introduction for the ending of Twilight, the wedding of the century that everyone is talking about. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's wedding. Well, some are pretty piss about the wedding, like Jacab Black.
The wedding still goes on and so does the Honeymoon. Edward and Bella in an exotic island. Hmm... sounds exotic! OK, that turns out bad LOL!
A pass by at Rio to their Honeymoon exotic island
Exotic waterfall

Turns out Bella is pregnant and nobody wants her to keep the baby. The baby is draining everything from her including KILLING her, AIKSS......

Edward talking with the baby
There's a lot of intense between Jacob and his werewolf pack when the they found out that Bella is pregnant and they want to kill Bella and the baby.

I used to be Team Edward at the beginning then I got confuse at New Moon but I'm now in Team Jacob. LOL! Jacob's scarifies his love for Bella is relatable to us, Humans. He will protect Bella no matter what!
Jacob protecting the baby
Indeed the baby kill Bella when she's born and if you have read the book, Bella is turn into a Vampy! The next part will be talking more on the new born baby, Renesmee and the Volturi. Sigh... Y U NO Continue showing?!!!!

I guess till then we just have to stay tune... Maybe I'll be Team Renesmee then... I know I'm such a waver :(

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  1. Omgg Bella is pregnant!!?? But why do they have to kill her �� ahh well i don't care she chose Edward instead of Jacob so shes dead to me �� and btw JACOB BLACK IS FITTT!! XX