Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Lullaby

I was on enthusiasm mode and spent a totally of 3 hours doing NOTHING while listening to soothing songs before I go to bed last night. The feeling of just doing NOTHING and listening to your favourite songs is very Heavenly. I did had a great night sleep and woke up energetic. It's not everyday you get to do NOTHING.

Lifehouse - Everything

This song is one of my favourite songs from them. Been listening to this song for years already!

Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic Live)

When to their concern in KL this year, had a great time! I like their acoustic version better. Adam Levine just makes my dream sweeter 

Jason Mraz - Bella Luna

Makes you wanna stay in your bed the all day, right?

Simone White - Bunny In A Bunny Suit

I instantly fell in love with this song when I watch the beautiful Nicole Kidman's Omega Watch Commercial.

GORGEOUS! (Is Nicole! and the watch also la LOL!)

Kina Grannis - Valentine 

Her voice is soft and angelic and her music are very original.

Train - Marry Me

I personally think that this Marry Me song is the best Marry Me song!

Zee Avi - Bitter Heart

Truly a rare singer/song writer found LOCALLY! Yes! You heard me, she's from Malaysia! This song is from her previous album two years ago and now her new album Ghostbird is out! Go grab it!
Wanting to watch her Homecoming Tour at KL Live tonight but work has to be in the way. Anyway, check her out and support her! Support local artist! *Proud*

I challenge you to do NOTHING when you can, it really could rest and relax your mind and body.

Sweet Dreams peeps! Night! 

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