Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound

I had a Pre-Halloween celebration with my besties last Saturday at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound in Sunway. It was a sudden call for celebration. Honestly, I NEVER (repeat NEVER, yes! NEVER) celebrated Halloween. Hmm... maybe except once when I was very young, no costume involve but I went Trick or Treat with my brother and cousins in Singapore. Cute or sweet? Does that count?

Anyways, I didn't dress up in a costume either this year. Told you it was a sudden call, as in:

*what apps beep*
Besties group chat: "Hey Hey! We are going for party tonight!"
My replied: "What party?"
Besties group chat: "Halloween babe!"
My replied: "Oh!"
Besties group chat: "Must go babe!"
My replied: "Erm... alright!"
Besties group chat: "Yeah Yeah! See ya!"

After ending that group chat, I only realized that I haven't been to clubbing for ONE YEAR +++!!! Seconds later, I thought to myself, hell with it, just go, life short! I NEED to party anyway!
Told you I'm not in any costume
What I'm wearing:
Dress: Topshop
Necklace: Forever 21
Clutch: Avril Lavigne Black Star
Heels: Zara 

We arrive at MOS around 11PM. Surprisingly there wasn't any queue at the entrance. I was thinking, am I that old already? Without much hassle, we got in and the club was decorated with spooky stuff, I was a bit scare. To my horror, the dance floor was empty?!!! It's 11PM! Where is the party? Now that's some spooky!

We got our drives and table and just goof around with each other. There were there a handful of reserve tables but none of them arrive yet. I guess probably they need more time to dress up. Or am I that old that nowadays teenagers don't club anymore? Or we have gone to the wrong club?

By 12AM more crowds were coming in and they really made an effort to dress in costume. Though, girls will always be girls, there are a lot of cats and bunnies. Though the guys were a bit extreme. There's "Scary Movie man", Devil, The Mummy, Pirates, etc. Well done, well done! *bow*
Us goofing around
I really need to give credits to this guy. I think he's a staff there because he does not party. He just dress as the Chinese Soul Collector and walk really slow around the dance floor. At some points, he will just stand very still behind you! *Boo!* His eye makeup was quite real and he doesn't blink his eye make it more believe-able. He open his eyes really still and stare. No additional expression, just stare....
I really like the tongue. I tried to figure out did he stick it in between his lips or he keep biting on it? LOL! He really deserve another picture here!
Me and BFF 
One more 
OK! That's not the most flattering picture of me but that's the result of drinking, having gastric at the same time T.T your feet hurts and your eye makeup is almost a gone case!

I can't really dance the whole night (that's how it USED to be), the dance floor was a sudden pack when more and more crowds arrive. I guess they really need a lot of time to prepare for their costume.

Somehow, I felt really old for being there ROFL! Went for supper after the party, everyone was all worn out and hungry. Super tired the next day, I slept till late noon! Body ache the next day with Monday blues greeted me. Symptoms of being old or just lack of partying?

Happy Belated Halloween!

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