Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maroon 5 Makes Me Wonder ~ ♥

This post is so over due but is better then never posting it.

Maroon 5 came to KL for their first time LIVE concert at Stadium Bukit Jalil on 29th April 2011. It's about a week later from Justin Bieber's KL Concert. Honestly, I really do think Justin Bieber is overrated. Before he came there's already a lot of advertisements, contests, radio raving blah blah blah.... on his KL Concert. For Maroon 5? There's not even advertisement or contests which is the put-in-your-face type. Just really low profile of their arrival. I found out Maroon 5's KL Concert through newspaper and it was just a one time advertise only. I straight ran out to get tickets a month ago before the concert ;)

I know I'm poor can't get ROCK ZONE, it would be more awesome!

When I was choosing nice seats for the concert, most of the nice seats were SOLD OUT! FML! Luckily enough, I manage to get first row seats for a nice view. So that no other fanatic fans can block my view on the concert. *smirk smile*

*Flash forward* Concert day! I arrived earlier and there's already a long long long queue waiting to get into the stadium. Almost an hour later only I arrived at the entrance of the stadium to be check and get in. By this time, there's not much hyper mode for the concert =.= it was a hot day too.

Took another half more hour to wait for everyone to get into the stadium and Maroon 5's arrival. Snap pictures and didn't camwhore cos not yet hyper mode, quite sick of waiting and of course need to remain a lot of space for maximum Maroon 5 pictures!

My view from my level 1 front row seat

Concert starts quickly when Maroon 5 walks up to the stage and started singing. The concert is almost 2 hours and Adam Lavine can really sing without resting much. He can really SING! His voice is the same recorded or LIVE! There wasn't any acoustic versions for any of the songs but LIVE is already awesome enough for me! I was shouting all the time and singing along with the band. There were few fanatics seated behind me sing super loud and shouting "I LOVE YOU ADAM LAVINE!!!" all the time. Their sharp screaming kinda hurts my ear drum @.@

Adam Lavine with guitar
View from my seat of the stage

 Viewing of the big screen
Towards ending of the concert ~♥

There was a lot of interaction between the band and the fans. Adam is very great ♥♥♥ At the start of the concert, everyone was still shy and very obediently sitting on their seat. He wanted the crowd to have fun so on the second song, he ask everyone to stand up. All the VVIPs in the Rock Zone just get up and move themselves upfront as close to the stage. The security guards between the stage and the fencing of Rock Zone was very protective of the band, keep asking the VVIPs to back of from the fence. There was quite a hassle there and Adam saw it. He just say: "I don't know what's the matter here (moving his hand around the security guards between the stage and the fencing of Rock Zone) but these people pay good money to enjoy the concert." I was like awww..... he is so sweet! ♥ him max! *Wish I have bought Rock Zone seats FML*

There was few more interactions between the band and the fans like hand waving, clapping and singing a short phase of the sing between two sides of fans. Adam even joke a bit. There was a few moment my heart just melts. You can really just fall for Adam in just a split second. My seat is at level 1 and Adam was just singing on stage walking around. When he walk over to the area of my seat and he look up and pointed and say "I see you, yeah!" OMFG!!! Blush and shy max! Heart melt max! ♥♥♥ I know he's not really pointed at me and see me but still, I just scream out loud! 

Songs which I remember they sang in the concert (there are more which I'm too hype to remember):

1. Misery
2. Stutter
3. Give A little More
4. Hands All Over Me
5. She Will Be Loved
6.Never Gonna Leave This Bed
7. If I Never See Your Face Again
8. Wake Up Call
9. This Love
10. Won't Go Home Without You
11. Sunday Morning

The concert is perfect ♥ So much ♥ from the band and the fans! ♥ them much! Hope they will come again! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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