Sunday, May 15, 2011


Won myself tickets to watch Priest! Thank you Nuffnang, you guys are too good to me!

Nice movie tickets and I <3 Nuffnang badge

This is the movie trailer:

Don't think I need to tell you about the story after you have watch the trailer, like they say a 'trailer' tells it all. Don't want to be a spoiler too ;P

Before commenting on the movie would like to share some food I ate before watching the movie. Went to ate Taiwan Recipe at Midvalley Mega Mall. It's just opposite GSC cinema next to Carl's Jr. It's my first time eating there but I have fond of eating Taiwan food already. Wanted a light dinner so ordered Green Milk Tea, Spicy Beef Hotpot and some Pork Dumplings. The Green Milk Tea was just so so only, nothing special. The Spicy Beef Hotpot is very spicy for me. Although I'm not the kind who can eat spicy food. So, for those chills  lovers you might find it just spicy or not only. Pork Dumplings are tasty. Overall is quite a good meal, prices are slightly reasonable, depending on what you order.

It's time for movie after a grateful meal. Bought popcorn and drinks *yumz*

The action scenes with CG effects are great in this movie combining the great sound effects. The soundtracks are awesome too. I hate it when movie soundtracks were it doesn't suit the scene or the song just sucks.The fight scenes are very cool too. You can feel their pain when either the vampire or the Priest gets hit.

I like the weapons the Priest (Paul Bettany) uses, especially the bible one. At first I really thought, he just reads wanted to read the bible and the vampire will just dead, instead it's those flying ninja darts *don't know what are they called =.=" * I was like brilliant and awesome at the same time! Thought different Priest uses different weapons, cross metal stakes, metal chains, cross bullets and so on.

The bikes in the movie are quite the highlight of it. It's adds class for the movie. The bikes looks classy and authentic with touches of high-tech gadgets.

One of the Priest (Maggie Q) on bike

Speaking of Maggie Q, I erm... don't really notice of her acting in any of her movies, probably I don't have any liking of her neither does on hating her. Somehow in this movie, there is a scene where her acting is being notice. Is the scene that she confess her love for the other Priest (Paul Bettany) *almost sob*

The ending for the movie, I feel it's a bit of a disappointment. It kind of a quick ending. The main villain aka Black Hat (Karl Urban) was easily defeated and ends in a quick happy ending way. Although, it show that the Black Hat was defeated but somehow it got us to think, is he really dead? Seems like there will be a sequel.

One thing I do like about the movie is the vampires. They are not those mushy-mushy-handsome-Twilight-vampires. These vampires are mean, angry, fierce and hungry! They are ugly too!


Vampires should be scary creatures that scares you, not OMFG-you-are-so-handsome-come-here-and-suck-my-blood-cause-I-want-to-die-and-be-with-you-forever! Nah! Ugly and mean vampires are much more interesting to watch, beside they just give your heart a bigger pump and you might have a hard time going to bed.

It's a above average movie so, you still can head to the cinema and catch the movie so that you know what I'm talking about. Now go!

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