Sunday, May 29, 2011

What a Sunday!

Went to swim in the wee morning! It's been quite some time I last swan. Swimming is my ONLY best sport! FML Though I really like swimming a lot. Wanna get those fat off my body, tone, firm and be healthy! Apparently, from a gym personal trainer + weighting body weight and fat that I'm FAIR but near OBESE! WTF! Been working out hard for the last month and I lost 1 KG! Happy! So, I wanna keep it up!

PS: I'm still a size S, but somehow the detector said that I have 29% of fat which is a lot! Damn!

After swimming session when to have Japanese Lunch Buffet@Zen, Sunway Pyramid with colleagues. *There goes my hard work out :S * Didn't take any pictures cos wasn't having any photo mode. The food was great, fresh sashimi, yumz! Zen and Rakuzen is under the same group and I have tried Rakuzen Lunch Buffet. The food in the menu is exactly the same and the price is the same too. RM 55 ++ and it's only available for Sunday Lunch Buffet starting from 12pm - 2.30pm. Yes! There's plenty of time to pig out! I love the Green Tea Ice Cream a lot <3 The lunch was so full till everyone want to keep walking around to stop filling stuff!

We hang around and shop a bit. Then everyone was thirsty and one of us haven't try the now very popular Chatime Bubble Tea and so we head on for more calories! *Rolled eyes* The queue was long but we still waited. Got our drinks and we just sit and drank and chat more. By the end of the day, everyone fill like puking out what we had for the day but none did though LOL

Tired and still full... don't think will be eating Japanese food for quite some time and no dinner and next day's breakfast for me.

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