Sunday, May 16, 2010

dCim 2010

As you know dCim 2010 is going on at Midvalley Megamall's Exhibition Hall on 14th - 16th May 2010. I, of course went to have a peak on what they are having there. I just went for a day, but compare to some photography hot lovers, they tend to hang around the event for three whole days to get the best promotion for their gadgets.

My main purpose of going there is to check out a few cameras that I'm interested in and to check out is there any new cameras launching there. I arrived about evening and there's still a lot of people browsing around the event. Btw, just so you know there have a few booths at the ground floor for you to have a look too. There are Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and HTC. I saw a lot of aunties and uncles trying to purchase digital camera and the booths are feel with them. So, I didn't hang around there yet, I just went straight to the Exhibition Hall. I thought that the event will be quite big or happen or at least that's what I imagine but to my disappointment there wasn't much to see. Most of all there weren't as much brands opening their booth at the dCim. *wonders* There were just the very main and famous brands at the event. There are just the well known brands of Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Leica and some galleries and some accessories booths. Just all that, nothing much impressive.

For quite some time I'm having dilemmas on picking the best suitable semi-pro camera for myself. For budget wise slightly over RM 3k is fine for me. but of course when Canon launch their very affordable yet advance level range of DSLR the Canon EOS 550d, everyone wants a bite of it. My bro went with me to check it out too. He too wants to own it. Of course, you may say that a budget of mine like that could get this (Canon EOS 550d) already but I don't want to have a DSLR! Because...

1.) It's heavy!
2.) I'm not a pro user! I just need a non-pro camera to do a pro job.
3.) It's not convenient to bring it out for traveling and while you go for travel, you want to take good pictures too!

So, it doesn't leave me much choices. I mean semi-pro cameras are for noobs that just wanna act pro right? My choices were Panasonic Lumix GF1 and Olympus Pen E-PL1.

Look at the color! I feel in ♥ with it! Of course the price is my concern!

The Olympus Pen E-PL1 comes with Black, White, Silver and Champagne color.

I do really like both of it and the color choices are very attracting too. (I know, I know, gals tend to decide on buying an item buy choosing the pretties color, why not?! wtf!) You can check out their specs here and here. Both have very good reviews on them and both features are more or less the same with not much of a big difference. Both have their own good stuff that you can't get from the other. Honestly, I'm a Lumix lover and if I get the Olympus I feel very unfaithful towards Lumix! wtf! Most of all, there's been rumors going around that Lumix is planing to launch new gadgets too. *anticipated*  Arrgggg....!!!!! *pulling my hair* it's so hard to decide! If any of you have already own these two gadgets kindly please advise! All I can do now is wait.

OK! back to the dCim 2010. I found my new I mean it's every photographer's wet dreams and to own this baby as part of their collection! I'm here by to announce ~~~ LEICA! OK, it is surprising to find Leica booth in this dCim 2010 cos in Msia there's not much of dealers carries Leica cameras cos it's very expensive for just normal specs compare to other camera brands which have the same result but way cheaper. But it's LEICA! *bow bow bow* Without hesitation, the moment I found their booth, I quickly grab hold on what was had on display cos it was fill with people. I pick up the Lux -20, snaps some picture and totally *faint* and fell in love! It has become my main priority to own one when I get rich! *dreaming* There was a display of Leica M9, guess how much it is? IT'S RM 25 K +++ (OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!) but then the quality of just a Leica digital camera can be compare to Panasonic LX3. 

 The very expensive Leica M9! (not for trying too)
The design is just classic and simple, NICE!

Trying to pose it

 The Leica Lux - 20

Enough of my unrealistic dreams! Let's carry on. Canon and Nikon booth have certainly draw the most crowd. It's very thoughtful of Canon to have some cute and colorful display within their booth to let us try out their camera and of course both booths have display of their very bazooka lenses for us to play with too.

Canon's cute and colorful display of 'Bajak Hitam'.

This is Nikon's huge DSLR display, I think I should own one as my garden display (haahaa) *swt*

Panasonic Lumix booth

If you like underwater adventure, you should totally get this accessory to snap wonderful pic underwater.

Olympus booth at ground floor 
The gallery section was interesting, a lot of photographers' masterpieces were being display but too bad it really didn't draw much attention for the crowd compare to pretty models walking on stage modeling cameras. Well, most photographers are male so they do think with their adrenaline more than their mind. Canon has a EOS Buddy Club for Canon fans and photographer free lancers to join in. You can check out the details here and their facebook fan page. Apparently, they will help find business for you, get discounts for Canon items and stuff. I think is pretty cool of them. This way, you can extend your love for photography even more and well earning a few dollars more is no harm too.

Canon EOS Buddy Club gallery + booth

Got to took a shoot of this model modeling a camera for the crowd

Drawing a lot of male crowds, crowds go blizzard taking photos of models adding to their collection

Bring on the bazookas!

Do you think this guy is 'seriously' asking questions from this pretty lady? (Well, I think so cos he look kinda pro)

I hope next year's dCim will bring in more brands and more cool stuff for us to see. Choices of accessories and gadgets are so much more overseas compare to here and please please please try to set the prices to more affordable prices so that poor people like me can own much more stuffs!


  1. why you dint try out the leica S2.... is more then triple price of m9 ..LOLx

  2. cos Leica S2 is not in display so cant play. moreover is triple the price of M9, I dont think they will take that risk. LOL

  3. I know, do you own any of those?