Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IP Man 2 & Ironman 2

Continuing my Summer Movies! I got to watched IP Man 2 on premier night thanks to a friend of mine to buy advance tickets. The hall was a big hall and it's FULL! So many supporters for the movie! Happy that I'm one of them :P My seats were quite alright it was not center but it's a right higher side seat, so it wasn't that bad. You should consider lucky if you could get ticket last minute.

IP Man 2  葉問2:宗師傳奇

Obviously, this movie is the sequel of Ip Man. (Duh!) If you haven't watched the 1st movie, please go watch it 1st then only watch the second movie. This time Ip Man (starring Donnie Yen) had moved to Hong Kong with his family and wanted to continue teaching Wing Chun there. He then had taken upon some students. One of his students and main student of his was Wong Leong who based on real life history, Wong Leong was Ip Man's best students in his life time of teaching Wing Chun. But very soon, Ip Man came across with Hung Chun-nam (starring Sammo Hung) and had conflict with him. There were few challenges for Ip Man to pass and to ensure he could open his martial school in Hong Kong and of course he didn't lose and had a draw fight with Hung Chun-nam. Being noble and humble as he is, Ip Man doesn't want to pay protection fees to Hung Chun-nam or have anything to do with Hung Chun-nam's organization. (You can just skip this part if you already had watch the movie) If you can recall, in the 1st movie Ip Man had to fight with Japanese and this time he had to fight with British because during that time Hong Kong was under the British colonial rule. It was a Chinese Martial Art Fight VS Boxing!

Donnie Yen had totally brought Ip Man's character to live and made him legendary, I mean, he is a legend but not until we watch this movie right? Just made us feel so proud to be Chinese. I think already had spoil this for people who haven't watch yet. Sorry.... So, I would like to share some stuff that you may not know(yet).

Somehow there's a rumor about Jay Chou playing the role of Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3. Hmm... I think Jay Chou would just stick back to singing than acting?! What do you think? Who is better in acting the role of Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3 as Ip Man's student? 
In KL, we have our very own Wing Chun Sifu, Yip Fook Choy who had broken stereotypes and had taken in Kahar Zaitun as his student long ago. Which is well said that Chinese Martial Arts doesn't mean to only learn by Chinese. Read here.
Here's another amazing Wing Chun student! I think if I've to face with him, I will already faint at 1st punch! *Ooch*

Watch him!

NOW! From Kung Fu Masters to more exciting advance Hero! IRONMAN 2!!! ♥Robert Downey Jr. ♥Scarlett Johansson, just ♥♥♥ them! *faint* 
 Ironman 2 

Robert Downey Jr.  ♥ so handsomely bad boy look ♥ 
Well, to clear up some bad reviews of this movies cos by now I'm sure most of you had already watch it, but for those who have not watch it yet, this movie is NOT bad at all! It's good as good as the previous Ironman! People who said that it's bad because they have high expectations and high anticipation for this movie. When people have such, they will tend to let their imaginations gone wild especially you have Scarlett Johansson (kidding) in it!
Sexy Scarlett Johansson ♥♥

Hot ! & Kick Ass !

I don't need to say much about the movie, just go watch it. In this sequel though, Pepper Potts (starring Gwyneth Paltrow) gave me a more unforgettable memory of her than the previous Ironman. She did a good job in this sequel really play out the character right and of course she's such a hot mama! and this Ivan Vanko (starring Mickey Rourke), the villain just kept me wondering who is he. He looks really really really familiar. After I Google about him I finally got the mystery solve! He's from WWF the boxing program! No wonder he looks sooooo familiar! He really suits this villain character. The part where he was bang by the car at the race track! DAMN! He's TOUGH! I wouldn't want to cross him in his path too!

For people who have NOT watch Ironman 2 yet or people who had already watch but don't know or miss out, please stay awhile more after the movie had ended and the credits had ended, there's a special sneak peak of the coming sequel. Nice! I just can't get enough of it!

Enough said, there are just too much more movie to watch yet so little time for me to go watch and review about it. FML These 2 movies sure have not disappointed me.

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