Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Descent 2

 Tickets! (I know I know overdue post! but I was bz, sry!)

Yeah! I won! I won! I won! *faint* You might think that I maybe exaggerating and making a big deal about just winning a pair of tickets but IT IS! I never won contest for creative slogan. Is NEVER! *angry and wonder why* I mean these complete slogans competition, do you really think people win? How do they rate or choose from? How good is good? and how creative is creative? You have to define that right? Usually there's any contest that related to 'please complete the slogan with not more than 20 words' I will back out. I guess I know that I'm not that creative. But how can you be creative when you limit ppl with just the little amount of words?!!! ok la! I'm just back to square one where I'm not creative.

Let's not argue with that fact and proceed pls. It's one of the many Nuffnang movie contests and I won ONE of it! *pat my own back* *Happy* :D It's the premiere of The Descent 2 @ e-Curve. I always like to hang out at The Curve whether is shopping, eating, getting drunk, movies, it's really a comfortable hang out place to be.

Nice pavement right? while you dine or walk over to e-Curve

Another view from e-Curve

It was a hectic day for me, I almost can't make it to watch the movie but at the end of the day I manage to arrive safe and sound for a good movie. I had watch The Descent (part 1) few years back. In fact, I watch it more than once. I watch TWICE!!! You may think that I'm a brave person or a person who likes to watch scary ghost movies, guess again! You are WRONG!!! While watching the first time, I didn't expected it to be so freaking scary! It just give you the scare because it is based on real life situation. I mean, you really never know what you will discover if you were in a dark cave let alone being LOST! The movie just gave me the scare till my butt was stuck at the edge of my chair and pillow covering over my eyes! When the movie ended, I was so relieved. The second time, I was suppose to watch with my mom and I told her I already watched so it's fine, I knew which part to hide. Still it gave me the chills down to my spine. I had TWICE of nightmares for a few nights TWICE after watching TWICE of the movie! FML x3 

I thought the movie ended and stay ended but NO! they have to come out with a sequel.

 End of part one, where the only survive manage to escape

Even though part one of the movie already made me have nightmares but I was still tempted to watch it. You kinda lost your adrenaline once your life has gone routine and I want to know how can they top it up with part one. It is an interesting surreal movie and the ending of part one will just keeps you wonder. I never in a million years think that they will make a sequel cos in Msia it wasn't a much talk about movie and not much people watch or heard about it. I didn't know what's the rating then but it certainly not as high as blockbuster movies. I did ask around and 10 out of 2 only have watched part one of the movie before =.= Feel kinda sorry for the director, actresses and production team of the movie. They probably be FML'ing.

Btw, what's not better to watch scary movies while eating your popcorn?! You probably won't be eating much for this movie cos it's either there's scary moments or disgusting moments. If you still can enjoy, you are very good with sustaining these kind of situations. I always feel that somehow Cathay Cineplex's popcorn tastes better. Do you think so?

 Movie and popcorn time!

The Descent 2! (prepare to scream your heart out!)

In this part two of the movie is straight off continuing from the ending of part one. Where the survivor ran out for help. It's like watching those weekly drama series but only you wait longer(years), wtf! I don't want to be a spoiler cos the movie is very straight-forward. You will know what you are watching. There's really not much to say cos it's a scary movie, no point knowing where and when the scare is then you won't be afraid of it! I only can show you what is it be like while you are watching it.

She, Sarah (staring Shauna Macdonald) is the survivor of part 1 and hero

This will be one of the disgusting/disturbing creatures you will be seeing throughout the whole movie

This will be the way they going in/down the cave this time

This guy will be the b*stard of the movie

 This will be their battle looks, can you guess other than blood on their face, what else is on it? (Not mud)

Ok go watch the movie now! The movie has two very surprising characters (other than the creatures) and a very sickening twisted ending. I don't know are they planing to make part three but by the looks of it, it seems like there's part three coming....*faint* The sequel definitely could top up with part one of the movie. My heart was literally still pounding after watching it. I already had nightmares after watching it wtf!

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