Thursday, March 8, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour Live In Malaysia

Well, well, well... February sure FLIES fast for me! It's already March now! Damn! A lot of GOOD stuff happened to me in February that I'm still haven't withdraw back from being hype about it.

Yup! I went to Avril Lavigne's Black Star Tour on the 18th of February with some of my hardcore Avril Lavigne fans!
This was the second time I went a Avril Concert in Malaysia, it was her Best Damn Tour in 2008. Wow! It was that long ago.

This time around it was pack! I was worried about the weather though, because the concert is held open at Stadium Merdeka (same venue for her last tour). It rain in the afternoon after I had my coffee break and luckily it stop raining before I arrived.
Mountains of people queuing to see Avril 
Got some souvenir
Bought the tickets months ago~~~
Yes! The most expensive zone!

The last time I went to her concert, I didn't bought the most expensive zone and regretted it and I swore with my Avril Lavigne fan-mates that, if she were to come the next time we will get the most expensive one! Boy! We didn't regret doing it. 

The stage was damn close! It's so near that I don't need to constantly looking at the huge LCD screen to have good close-up of her. Nope! Not this time! 
The stage before the concert starts
View of the KL Tower
There's still so many people behind
This is the Tune Talk Zone
Security was very tight this time around, so strict that they don't even allow glow sticks -__-

Before the concert starts, there's a female DJ did the opening act. She was good, I didn't really get her name, does anyone know her name?
DJ spinning
If you are complaining that I'm posting crap pictures, please don't. I'll have good pictures coming up, thanks to a friend of mine who was able to snuck in his DSLR and was great enough to share it with me. You can check out his flikr for more Avril pictures
Crap pic :(
 Alright, enough of crap pictures. ALL the awesome pictures coming up!
Rocking in her Abbey Dawn collection
Having fun!
Asking us to sing along

This concert, Avril is more lively and made a lot of interactions with us! No dancers this time, just singing and playing guitar. To be honest, I really do prefer the Rock Avril rather than the Girly-Cute Avril. Rock is made for her and I'm glad that she stays this way now.
Teasing us with your bling pink mic
Rocking with her guitar
She's particularly sexy and playful with us and her bandmates. So cool, or should I say sexy cool? LOL
Sexy and playful
She sang a lot of her older songs which is very awesome for me! I remember playing all her songs again and again in my playlist all day. Though her Goodbye Lullaby is her BBEESSTT album so far!

Here's a list of songs she sang that night:
1.) Blackstar
2.) What The Hell (WTH)
3.) Sk8er Boi
4.) He Wasn't
5.) I Always Get What I Want
6.) Alice
7.) When You're Gone
8.) Wish You Were Here
9.) Unwanted
10.) Girlfriend
11.) Airplanes (Originally: B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams) / My Happy Ending
12.) Don't Tell Me
13.) Smile
14.) I'm With You
15.) Pumped Up Kicks (Originally: The Foster People) sang by one of her band-mates and she played the guitar
16.) I Love You
17.) Complicated
When Avril sang "When You're Gone", I sang my heart out with her and nearly want to weep out. This songs reminds me of one of my saddest moments and listening to this song helped me gone through it.
"I Love You" is my favourite piece in the Goodbye Lullaby album and I wish she came out with a video of it but listening to her live is even better 
One of her band-mates gave her a belated V-day flower and wine
Her previous concert, she didn't sang any more songs when we scream encore. This time is so much better! To make it more fun, she switch places with her band-mates for "Pumped Up Kicks". She played the guitar and one of her band-mate sang. He's quite good too.
Loving her pink & purple hair
Avril made a special video to thank all her fans for going to her Black Star Tour. She made it after her last stop of her tour which is in MALAYSIA! Yeah!

We love you too Avril! You will always be our ROCK STAR! Continue to ROCK HARD!
A very blur pic of Avril's hardcore fans!

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