Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Vanilla Place

Me and my colleagues stumble upon some interesting reviews on The Vanilla Place at Empire Shopping Gallery. We planned to have an outing/farewell for me (Yes, you heard me it's me leaving, that will be in another post) and other colleague so we decided to head on to the place. 
The Vanilla Place certainly have a variety of desserts. In fact, it's the first thing that attracted me *screams dessert lover* to come and try out the place.
Check out the variety of cakes
Baby cupcakes 
Mini Macaroons 
HUGE Macaroons (they are 4x the size of the mini ones)
Tea Time Set
They do have lovely dessert tea time set but it was dinner time, so we couldn't order the tea time set which we initially came to have it for, maybe next time.

Most of us ordered their Dinner Set as we could tasted most of their food and all of the main course are well reviewed.
Mushroom Soup
The mushroom soup is chunky enough but it's not creamy enough for me and I tasted a tar bit of sourness.
Smoked Duck Spaghetti 
Chicken Lasagne 
 Chicken Lasagne is cheesy and the pasta between it is quite chewy.
Seafood Pesto Spaghetti

Seafood Pesto Spaghetti is my order, the amount of seafood is generous enough. I like the mixture of raw tomatoes and dry tomatoes.
Aglio Olio Spaghetti
Dessert time! The Dinner Set's dessert is Brownie with Ice Cream but one of my colleagues manage to request to switch her and my dessert to other dessert choice that we like. Lucky us.
Brownie with Ice Cream
Brownie was not bad but if it's heated a bit longer and serve it warmer it will be great. It has some nuts in the Brownie. I like nutty Brownies.
Apple Crumble
Carrot Cake
Honestly this is my first time tasting Carrot Cake, so I don't know what to expect. Though the cake itself is very filling. It could be a main meal itself LOL
The inside bit of Pavlola
Never tried a Pavlola too, so didn't have any expectations. I reckon it's too sweet for me and the crust is almost like Macaroon crust and it has softer crusty-filling in it. This is one of the desserts being switch and colleague told me it goes really well with the English Breakfast Tea that came later.
Lemon Meringue
The Lemon Meringue is mine and is the switch dessert. I'm not saying that I know how to pick but this is the best dessert among all that we order topping the Brownie. Though the Meringue is a bit sticky/rubbery. The lemon sauce and lemon curb goes very well with the crust. Some say it's a wee bit sour for their tasting.
Long Black Coffee
We had some spare time after dinner, so went around to take some shoots to practise on my Lumix G3.
Trying to be artsy
Another one with poses
I guess everyone had a great time. It's seldom we could gather almost everyone together and here we got old friends and new friends.

Overall, the place is just average to me. Though it's a place with reasonable price you can go to have a meal or high-tea with your friends. The location is quiet to have long chats as it's away from other restaurants.

FK01, 1st Floor, 
Empire Shopping Gallery.
Tel: 03- 50222198
Email: thevanillaplace@hotmail.com


  1. Hello there, glad to know that you had a good time at our cafe! :)
    Do check us out on twitter & facebook : thevanillaplace

    Cheers! xx

    1. Thanks for dropping by and will check out you guys more on twitter and facebook :)