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Dream High 2

If you have been reading my blog, you remember me blogging about how much I love IU after watching Dream High - Korean Drama. They made a sequel - Dream High 2 which I have been obsessing about and it came to an end this week. Booohoooo... *I want more*
It's a sequel so the cast from previous Dream High will not be seen here. In fact, I think they have gather a better cast! A lot of great singers and great rendition of original songs!

Kirin High School was taken over by Oz Entertainment after a financial bankruptcy. Oz Entertainment transferred their own young talents into Kirin High School to obey some law which required young talents to completing their studies. 
Oz Entertainment held a competition to find and grow young talents into Super Idols. There were intense competitions between Oz Entertainment young talents with Arts student of Kirin High School.
Shin Hae-Sung who is a student who were talented in theories more than performance which made her the weakest student in performing. Jin Yoo-jin and JB came to her life and make her believe in herself more and try to be a better performer. Yoo-jin and JB fall in love with Shin Hae-Sung but she only has her eyes on JB. 
There will be a lot of rivalry between Yoo-jin and JB.
Rian is one of the HershE K-Pop group with Ailee and Nana. Rian is JB's ex-girlfriend and she's very jealous of how JB treats Shin Hae-Sung differently compare when they were together.  

ALL Cast
Some highlight on what you get from Dream High 2. This is most of the cast singing recent rendition of latest K-Songs - Roly Poly / I Am The Best / Top Girl
I really like Jin Yoo-jin (Jung Jin Woon from 2 AM) and JB (JB who is a fresh idol that JYP is moiling to be together with Park Jin Young - Jr. in this Drama) a LOT! Although I would prefer Shin Hae-Sung (Kang Sora) to be with Yoo-jin but then JB is too hard to resist too.
Shin Hae-Sung
One of the statement songs for Dream High 2 where most of the cast sing together in the competition. Cute song. 
Dream High 2 - B Class Life 
Jin Yoo-jin the Rocker in Dream High 2
Check out how cute he is 
Jung Jin Woon - Tired To Talk

I'm sorry to Se7en fans but JB sings this song so much better. 
JB - When I Can't Sing  
The drama has recruited a lot of good talents. Ailee as herself, Nana (Hyorin from SISTAR), Rian (Ji-yeon from T-ara) they are the K-Pop group known as HershE in the drama. They really can SING!
HershE - Superstar 
This is how GOOD of a singer is Ailee. Totally love her more after watching this video. This is how she was found, in a singing competition.
Ailee - Halo
I really like Hyorin and Kim Ji Soo singing together in the dram. Their vocals are the perfect match together. Both very great and talented singers.  
Hyorin and Kim Ji Soo - Destiny 
Hyorin and Kim Ji Soo - I'm In Love  
Kim Ji Soo act as Park HongJoo in Dream High 2 who loves Nana and is not afraid of showing his love for her. His voices can really go to any range! 
Kim Ji Soo - Sunflower

Park HongJoo (Kim Ji Soo)
This song is written by Shin Hae-Sung in the drama but the jealous Rian stole the song to sing in a performance and JB was very furious about it.
Ji-yeon - Hello To Myself
This is another song written by Shin Hae-Sung but this time, she willingly gave the song to Rian to sing with JB. 
Ji-yeon & JB - Together
There are a lot of dance scenes in the drama too. Love them all!
JB & Jung Jin Woon Dance Scene
JB and Jr Dance Battle
The teachers shown their talent in the drama too. Yang Jin Man (Park Jin-young) and Hyun Ji Soo ( Park Kahi) dance scenes are superb.
JYP and Kahi Couple Dance
JYP and Kahi Tango Dance 
I'm sorry on the Dream High 2 overdose but I can't help it! I reckon is way better than the first one. Hope you all enjoy the drama as much as I did. 

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