Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Topshop Topman Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show

Last Thursday night, I got invitation to Topshop Topman Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur. I brought my brother along for the show. I never been to any event as awesome as this and I was pretty overwhelmed that I didn't sleep well before AND after the show.
Outfit Of The Day
Outfit Of The Day:
White blouse: Forever 21
Black dress: of course is Topshop!
Heels: Zara
Clutch: Avril Lavigne Black Star  
In line to get my invitations and goodie bags
This is not even half of the people who arrived
It's the first time that I have been to Zebra Square and it's really a cool and beautiful place to held such events.
One of the walls in Zebra Square
Can't help to NOT take pic with such a beautiful backdrop
Before the show starts, there were refreshments for all the guest. Delicious snacks were handled to us throughout the whole night. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures of the food, was too busy checkout the place and the people. 
Cupcakes with Topshop/Topman print on it
The crowd at refreshment section
The show is a collaboration with Smirnoff and what will a event be without some amazing cocktails?! Drink up peeps!
Mini Smirnoff bar
Bartender making my drink
My Velvet Metropolitan is ready  

Best of all, they brought a popcorn cart! How cool is it? You can get to eat popcorn the whole night with watching the show!! Love it!
I'm not drunk, just very hot!
The place is more beautiful once they lit up
It was a clear sky that night
Inside for the show
 The show warmed up with 2 performances from Paperplane Pursuit and Tenderfist. 
Paperplane Pursuit
The lead singer is gOOd!

Josiah Mizukami and Fay Hokulani are the host of the night
The show start off with Topman collection. I like it with men wear more colours and who are good at layering their clothes. Love the sunnies too. Too bad I wasn't seated in front so pictures here doesn't show the full outfit. 
Then came the Topshop collection! Loving every piece of it. There are a lot of pastel colours for spring, pink, lime green, baby blue and so on. There are a lot of glitters/sequinned too and most of all prints, prints, prints! This season Topshop brought us Egyptian prints! Loving them ALL!!!! *faint*
We hang out for awhile more after the show. Checking out models, the runway and getting more cocktails to drink.
one of the hunky models
Love this neon sign so much!
Tried to take one under it
Aiks! Photobomb!
If you have notice, all the guest who attended dressed fashionable and glamours. My personal favourite is these shoe they are rocking!
Amazing shoes
Here's a glimpse from the show.

Thanks to Topshop and Joyce of Kinkybluefairy for the invitations. I felt very privileged and lucky to be the few among everyone to have a preview of Topshop Topman Spring Summer 2012 Collection before they have it in the retails.
Me and Joyce I actually got starstuck
I met Joyce after the show and I was so damn starstuck when I'm talking to her. I was shy too, we chatted just awhile. She's very nice and even prettier in person, her jumpsuit is amazing! Thank you again Joyce (if you are reading this), thanks for inspiring me =D 

I had such a blast at the event and went home feeling still very excited about it. 
Topshop goodie bag
Inside the Mary Katrantzou goodie bag were Topshop magazines, Cash Voucher, Elizabeth Taylor Motif Sketchbook. The sketchbook and bag is just one of the kind, don't think you can get it anywhere.
Topman goodie bag
Inside Topman goodie bag were Topshop magazines, Topman strap and Cash Voucher. 

I had a really great time! I know I didn't blog about any of my New Year's Resolution but one of it is attending more events. I think this one is a cherry on top of my cake for this year's New Year Resolution. I'm SO ready for more to come!

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