Monday, February 27, 2012

Typica Cafe

Typica Cafe is definitely a place for serious coffee lovers. Of course, non-coffee lovers or just plain coffee lovers are welcome to explore this place.
I'm not a serious coffee lovers but I do consume coffee now and then and *ahem* for those sleepy days at work. A friend of mine, recommended Typica Cafe to me and I'm very curious to find out what the place has installed. 

Last last Saturday, I pay a visit to Typica Cafe. Making sure I have just a light breakfast, I was excited to head to Typica Cafe. It's small and authentic cafe located at the corner of Shaw Parade. Why authentic? They have a lot of wooden furnitures and the tables particularly caught my attention because they use secondary-school-wooden-tables. *Nostalgic* 
One part of the cafe
Typica Cafe has a strong base of customer, I saw some regular customers coming in just to have a cup of their favourite coffee.
Full house
Even though the place is small but it's full. This place  is not a typical coffee shop nor those franchise coffee place. This place is unique in it's own way. It's because they have two special ways to brew your coffee and they have a variety of winning coffee beans for your choice. 

For hot coffee, they have Siphon brewing and for ice coffee, they have Ice Drip brewing. Interesting enough for you?
Siphon Coffee: Basically uses a siphon/vacuum coffee butane burner to brew your coffee and once the coffee is almost done, the other end of the vessel will start to vacuum/pull the brewed coffee into it. 
I'm not a good interpretor for the ways on how Siphon Coffee is made, you may check out here for more detail information. 
Siphon Coffee Makers
Ice Drip Coffee: Uses an Ice Tower Brewer to evenly distribute ground coffees and water with drips of melted ice water. Resulted you have diluted coffee.
You may check out more detail information on Ice Drip Coffee.
More science-lab look alike coffee makers
Alright, enough for those coffee jabbering, let's move on to the tasting. Ordered a Siphon Coffee and their Ice Coffee (non-Ice Drip one).

The Siphonist is very professional and always have a great smile. She takes you from smelling the raw coffee beans of your choice to teaching you how to drink your coffee.
Choices of coffee beans - Indonesia Luwak Coffee and Malaysia Chamek Liberica Coffee
For the Siphon Coffee, I have chosen the Columbia Coffee Beans. It's one of the winning coffee beans. They really brought the coffee beans for Coffee Beans Competition and Columbia Coffee Beans is always the winner.

As you can see from the picture above, they have the world best and most expensive Indonesia Luwak Coffee for your choice of coffee as well. Other than that, they do have non-exotic coffee but premium coffee such as Blue Mountain. 
Other types of coffee beans
Columbia Coffee Beans
Once you have chosen your coffee beans, the Siphonist will pour out the bottle of coffee bean out into a plate for you to have a smell of the raw coffee beans. When the plate was held in front of me, the smell of coffee beans is so fragrant. Just smelling it makes me feel so awake.

The Siphonist allows you have a bite of the coffee beans. Yes, you can eat it raw! I never knew you can do that. Always thought it was all for smelling only.
Grounded Columbia Coffee
After the smelling process, the Siphonist will ground the coffee beans. Once again, she will allow you to smell the grounded coffee. The fragrant of the coffee is much stronger after it has been grounded.

Brewed Siphon Columbia Coffee
The Siphonist will then brew your coffee from the Siphon Coffee Maker and serve you with a piece of biscuit.

The taste of the coffee is nothing that I have ever tasted before. It looks like an Espresso but it taste nothing like it. It doesn't have the overpowering 'kick' and the after taste in your mouth last quite long.

The coffee flavour will change according to the temperature. The longer you cool it, the taste of the coffee changes. Depending on your liking you can sip it slowly or drink it and leave it in your mouth for awhile then swallow. Either way the taste and experience will be different.
Ice Coffee with Green Tea and fresh milk
This is yumz... the Green Tea is very refreshing and the coffee is flavourful as well. The Coffee and Green Tea combination is very soothing in your mouth. 

Other than coffee, Typica Cafe do serve desserts.
Looking at the desserts just makes me happy. They have a lot of variety of cakes which you can't really find it else where. I felt like ordering each of the cakes at once to try it all out LOL!
Chocolate Cake
This is THE BEST Chocolate Cake I have ever tasted in my life! Do you know usually Chocolate Cakes are either too sweet, too chocolatey, too dry, too moist blah blah blah... but but but... this is NOT sweet at all! The chocolate taste like Dark Chocolate and the moisture of the cake is just nice!

Having it together with the Ice Coffee Green Tea is just Heaven! Urgghh... looking at the pictures makes me want to have more of it!

This place is really a hidden gem for coffee lovers. I'll definitely will visit more for relaxation. Imagine on a raining afternoon, sipping a cup of premium coffee, snacking on heavenly desserts while reading a book or hanging out with your friends. Now! This is life!

Shaw Parade,
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21450328

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