Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sorry for the super duper overdue movie review post. Here you go, I'll cut everything short as most of you might have already watch it last month (Yes, watched it in January).
Thanks to Nuffnang again, I get to watched the premier of Contraband at e-Curve.

Thanks Nuffies!
I didn't really expect much from this movie and I don't really fancy Mark Wahlberg who acted Chris Farraday in the movie. I was actually there for the blonde Kate Beckinsale who acted as Chris' wife, Kate Farraday.
Kate Farraday (Kate Beckinsale)
It was quite disappointing because Kate Beckinsale didn't really appear much throughout the movie and only towards the end she had more scenes which involve her nearly dying. Well, at least she's still hot in Blonde.
The Farraday family, their son Micheal (Connor Hill)
In Contraband, Chris is a loving husband and good father of Micheal (Connor Hill) and they have a really close friend, Ben Foster (Sebastian Abney) who's a a brother to Chris.
Ben Foster (Sebastian Abney)
Sound all nice right? NOT! Kate's idiotic brother, Andy (Calab Landry Jones) was involve in a fail drug smuggling deal! Chris being the responsible and caring husband with his best friend, Ben stood up to rescue Andy.
Kate's idiotic brother Andy behind
Little did we know that Chris is actually a world class smuggler but he left the life-time crime behind him when he married Kate. Aww...sweet.

Andy's fail drug smuggling deal cause his friend's death and he needs to payback the lost of the drugs he fail to smuggle from the scary and fierce Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi).
Tim attempts his threat to scare of Chris's family
The only way to payback the amount of lost drugs is to smuggle again but Chris was keen on not to smuggle drugs and he decides to smuggle a mini cooper car size of million dollars of counterfeit bills from Panama.
Piles of counterfeit bills to be smuggle
Chris and his crew had some bad encounters during his smuggling journey and ended him up dealing with a crazy bad drug-runner, Gonzalo (Diego Luna) which involve him in a robbery.
Checking out newly printed counterfeit bills
The crazy Gonzalo
It's an happy ending where Chris get to save his family, frame some bad guys, avenge on Ben who betrayed him all this time and got himself a big fortune.

Honestly, I didn't know that being a smuggler needs to be so smart, careful and bravery to get a smuggling deal done. It's dangerous as well and does takes their own lives at stake. Not encouraging one to be a smuggler. Just very surprise that it takes so much effort for one to smuggle.

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