Friday, May 18, 2012

Bangkok Hauls

I went to Bangkok, Thailand end of last month. I never been to Bangkok before and it's my first time visiting FML. I always wonder why so many people love the place so much. After visiting there, I KNOW how great of a place it is. Luckily is not too late! LOL

Here's just some sneak peak on my visiting, will be posting my trip in a few post. Shopping there will get you go crazy! CRAZY!!!!! Pictures below are just 4 hours of shopping at 2 different places! I never gone this wild for shopping.
My shopping damage!
I'll list everything in clockwise.
1.) Blue semi-sheer top - good for casual or work.
2.) Black feather necklace - for BFF
3.) Teal colour feather earrings - for myself! Imagine it's only RM9!
4.) 2 NaRaYa tissue paper holder - one for me, one for mom. NaRaYa it's a very famous brand in Thailand and it's only available there. Prices are dirty cheap too! It's less than RM4 each.
5.) Some cute key chains as souvenirs - I forgot the exact amount but it's someting like RM12 for 7.
6.) Pink teddy bear shopping bag - good for weekend shopping, saving the environment without using plastic bags, it comes with a hock, so you can hang it as a toy on your bag. There's a zip behind it, it opens up and you'll get a shopping bag and the bear will still attach like a toy on your bag! Cool? It's only RM10. OMG!
7.) Lim Zhen Hoeng Pork Biscuits - Most amazing biscuits ever!
8.) Owl print flowy T-shirt - there's a lot of local designers in Bangkok where they will design prints on T-shirt, it will be one and only design (or just a few) and for RM15, amazing price!
9.) Bedazzled white sheer blouse - this would be my favourite item out of all! Will show it when I wear it. Something similiar as this but only it's in white and the gems are at front and back too. Love it!
10.) Pinkish beige long sleeves round collar blouse - good for work or play.
11.) LBD with mesh at the top - very Topshop inspired (only not so deep V and without the embellished shoulders), only RM20 for a DRESSS......!!! *faint*
12.) Gorgeous yellow Polo Ralph Lauren insipired long sleeves shirt.
My friend's shopping damage!
I'm too lazy to list down what my friend bought but a picture is better than a million word. Nothing we bought is over RM20 for each item!

Told ya it's crazzzzzyyyy!

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