Sunday, June 3, 2012

Neon Pastel Nails

It's been such a long time I paint my nails. Summer is here again! If you have notice there's a lot of pastel colours and neon colours treading during Spring. I figure the tread will be kept till Summer. 

I mean who doesn't love neons and pastel colours? It just makes you feel lovey dovey about everything! So here's me feeling a bit of mix matching colours. 
The Strawberry Pink from Barry M is so sweet and lovely. I love how light and pastel it is, feels like grabbing a strawberry milk shake to drink LOL
Pastel pink and lilac are such great combos. Don't you feel warm and happy?
Wanna show you guys how the actual colour looks like, this is taken with flash. Though it looks very glossy in real.
I bet you are wondering where is the neon colours. I did it on my toe nails! Nice? It's Yellow from H&M. Does it feel like the highlighter you use to mark important sentences while studying? LOL I don't care what it looks like but neon colours should look this daring! 

Hope you like the combo nail colours I did. Just gonna write a quick one for now.

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