Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mickey Mouse Exhibition

Tell me who doesn't like Mickey Mouse? Doesn't anyone grew up watch Mickey Mouse cartoon? If you don't, I'm sorry to say you have no childhood FYL -_____- I'm sure everyone do know who Mickey Mouse is and have a childhood LOL

Why am I talking about Mickey Mouse? Oh come on! No matter how old are you, you take a look at Mickey and naturally you'll smile XD Recently, there's a Mickey Mouse Exhibition at Midvalley, it will still be on until September (if I'm not mistaken).

There's a series of creative design Mickey Mouse figures at the Exhibition. I find that the people who design those figures are very creative/adventurous, detail on their design, I love how they mix and match the materials used for on Mickey and some are quite out of the box designs.

Mind you this will be a really looooong picture post. Here it goes ~
The Mickey Mouse figures comes in different sizes, the best ones are in large size, better ones are in medium size and the rest are small size.
The ones all I shown above are my top favourites, agree? These are all medium sizes Mickey, except the 'Ghost Mickey', it's a small size one.
Classic, Mickey and his creator
There are names of the designers all labelled below each Mickey, so do check out the designers and most of it are design by each outlet which you can find in Midvalley, cool huh?!
Huge size Mickey!
FOS Mickeyz
Small size blink Mickey
The back of each Mickey has designs too
Rock Stars Mickeyz
Idea Mickey
Tallest Minnie Mouse
I don't remember all the names for each Mickey, can you guys recall any?
I think this is from Guardian
Lavin (if I'm not mistaken)
Fairy Mickey
Two-Face Mickey
Nina Ricci Mickey
Captain America Mickey
 There are racks and racks of mini Mickey displays at the center court of Mid Valley.
The colourful roof of the exhibition
Dalmation Mickey
This is the one and only HUGE Classic Mickey Mouse which located in the middle of the exhibition and it could rotate in slow-motion! All the kids and adults can't wait to have a picture with him.
Spider Mickey
Top view of the Mickey Exhibition
Phew! There are a lot more Mickey Mouse you can find at the exhibition so go check them out. It's great for family outings or a photography session with friends. Hope you guys like my picks of Mickey and not be overdose by them.

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