Monday, June 18, 2012

Tong Pak Fu

The very well known Hong Kong dessert place - Tong Pak Fu is now available in KL. It's already been in KL since end of last year but I didn't really get to pop in and give it a try.

Though this post is the my second visit to Tong Pak Fu, the first visit wasn't very memorable and I only tried their famous Snow Ice. I tried the Matcha Green Tea Snow Ice and feel it's just average, I have tasted better ones and the price is pricey too. 

After taking almost ALL of the Mickey Mouse figures at the Mickey Mouse Exhibition, I was already tired and didn't feel like having dinner but dessert moments. I was walking around to find some place for dessert and came across Tong Pak Fu. It's one of the newly branches open in Mid Valley. So why not giving the place a second chance.

This time around I wanted to try out the transitional Hong Kong style hot dessert, I ordered the Black Glutinous Rice Cream with Coconut Milk and a Glutinous Rice Cake. Yup, I am this weird when it comes to tasting, ordering a savory snack to go with a sweet dessert LOL
Black Glutinous Rice Cream with Coconut Milk
I'm not disappointed with the dessert, it's a bit too sweet for me. Maybe they added a lot of the coconut milk but I like the thickness of the Black Glutinous Rice, it's done smoothly and creamy. It still has bits of the Black Glutinous Rice for you to chew up. Do eat up when it's still hot.
Glutinous Rice Cake
The Glutinous Rice Cake though is the below average to me. It's not serve hot enough, the rice cake is very sticky. Not sure others will like the stickiness but I would prefer when scooping a piece of the rice cake it will be easily separated. The only good things which blends well with the plain rice cake is salty salted vegetable and the small dried shrimp bits. Even the dried shrimp bits are quite hard to chew on. I didn't really finish the rice cake, it's quite filling even by eating on it's own.

I did notice one thing is the interior of this outlet is different from the outlet in Sunway Giza I went to the first time. The decor here is more comfortable.
I really like the colour coordination here. The pale green wall with Gold, Silver and Bronze lamp hanging within the wooden decor. Not sure why in this picture taken the Silver colour lamp looks the same as the Gold lamp, probably is the reflection of the Gold lamp.
I do like the ceiling painting here too. It shown most of the dessert serve in this place in a drawing. I was in an artsy mood that night and tried to attempt artsy shoots. Nice?

Not sure I shall give this place a third time visit, they did added some new western desserts in their menu like Brownies, Chocolate Lava Cake and Apple Crumble as well. You can go ahead and try, tell me what do you think after you have try.

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