Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza

For the longest time I crave for pizza, I haven't have any pizza for a year now, I think! WOW! Don't know that's a scary thought or what. No pizza in my body for a year....hmm... speaking of diet LOL

I don't want to go for the normal pizza places, I want something new and I remember at a very corner of Food Republic at Pavilion has a new Italian pasta and pizza place. Went ahead with that thought and found it's Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza!

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza's founder Mr. Masaaki Honda has an interesting history and how Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza was founded. Yes, Mr. Masaaki Honda is a Japanese who founded an Italian pasta and pizza place. It's interesting!

Look how far Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza has conquered!
Let's move to the food pizza... *slurp* 
Capricciosa yumzzzz
I ordered Marinara Pizza but they mistakenly took the wrong order and gave me Capricciosa LOL! It's alright it's just an honest mistake. Though it's a good choice! What not best to try out than their Chief's Favorite right? 

The aroma of beef bacan and beef pepperoni.. AHHH... perfect when they melts with the cheese in your mouth.

The portion is not too big or too small, nice for 2 or 3 for those small eaters. Though it's so good that I could  gobbler it all up just by myself if I didn't order the soup (which was no regrets either).
Italian Vegetable and Meat Soup
The creamy mix vegetables and meat are to die for! I just love the flavor and texture of the soup. I don't really like watery or starchy soup. This is CREAMY~~~~ 

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza has a variety of food... not just food but Italian food. Honestly, I do say that Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza's food do remind me of the food that I had in Italy.

Check out their menu and I'll definitely try their Fresh Pasta on my next visit. Yes! They do have handmade fresh pasta DAILY!!!!!
Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza Sunway Pyramid
Lot OB3.LG2.2, Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Tel: 603-74920513

Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza Pavilion
Lot 1.52.00, Level 1,
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Tel: 603-21410517

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