Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Perlier Lavender Foam Bath

Have you heard of the brand Perlier? I didn't either, until I stumble upon it in a Sasa store during this Malaysia Mid-Year Mega Sales.

Perlier is actually from Italy, it has been establish for over 80 years. They have been manufacturing premier skin care of specialized therapeutic natural ingredients products. Most importantly they are against animal testing.
Recently, I am a bit obsess on body care with Lavender essence. It is true that Lavender can calms one's mood and mind. Anyways, this 500ml bottle of natural recipe of goodness Lavender caught my attention with *ahem* a 50% discount markdown.

I didn't know much about Perlier then but I bought it anyway. You know, there are lots of Lavender products in the market claiming it's 100% Lavender. When you smell it, it is not as how they have claim it, most of the time they smell 'fake'. It's quite difficult to find real Lavender scent and also good quality body care. I'm glad that I found Perlier.

It's Lavender scent is very similar with Crabtree & Evelyn's Lavender collection. As you all know, I have sensitive skin and very mild eczema, my skin will response with itch and redness. Therefore, I'm quite particular with the quality of body care I choose.

I don't like body shampoos that will makes you feel 'squeaky clean' after you bath. It will make my skin drier. I also don't like body shampoos that leave you ultra silky smooth skin after you bath. It makes me feel like I did not raise thoroughly. Is it me or do you feel the same too?

If you do, Perlier body foam does not makes you feel so! I used it with a body loafer, it gives me a velvety foam while I'm bathing and leaves me a layer of velvety smoothness after I bath. It smells so great that, you can sleep soundly through the night too.

I will not hesitate getting another bottle of this baby when I have finish up mine. I want to try out their Honey collection too. Their Honey collection is their best sellers. Can't wait to get my hands on them XD

Let me know have you tried this brand before? What do you think about it? Can anyone let me know where else can I get Perlier products other than Sasa? Thanks ;)

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