Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bangkok Hauls and OOTD

OK! I know this is bad that I haven't even blog about my first trip to Bangkok and I have already have a second trip back there! Forgive me but this time, I'm better. Instead of listing out what I have bought from the trip like I last blog about, I erm... dress it up for you to have a better look. Good?

This time around though was an all moms trip with me and a cousin sis, so every day is shopping, massage and food. I really can't ask for more.
All the stuff I bought
This time I definitely bought more than the last trip but I don't top the list of most bought stuff, I'm just top 3 LOL Show you guys the accessories I bought.
Feather Necklace (something like F21 right?)
Bought a compact mirror for BFF, it comes in a lot of colours but I feel grey suits her more. Some even comes in various pattern of blings too but I feel those are a bit too much.
I have been looking for this kind of makeup brush clutches for the longest time and finally I found it. So nice to finally able to keep my ELF, Bobbi Brown and MAC brushes properly and conveniently for travel. The size I bought is middle the large size can fit up to 30 brushes if I'm not mistake O.O I don't need that much.

These are some outfits which I have been wearing to work and play since the trip and there's more I haven't wear them yet, will show more of it when I get to wear them.
For work
Top: Bangkok
Cardigan: J Crew
For play, but should part it with shorts
Bejeweled Jeans
This bejeweled jeans and skull studded jeans are my most favorite buys from this trip! This is definitely something you can find it in Topshop but I got it only for RM30! Crazy right?
Casual Look
Top: GAP
Bejeweled jeans: Bangkok
Skull Studded Jeans

Cardigan: J Crew
Top: Bangkok
Loving the details of this top and the pastel colours. This is also another one of my favourite buys. I like it it's sheer but not that sheer to need to wear another camisole in it. It comes with lining in it.
Definitely for work
Blouse: Bangkok
Skirt: Christian Lacroix
I bought both of the blouse from the same shop in Platinum Mall where all the clothes are selling for retail prices. Bought this blouse design in 2 different colours! (Pink and white) Liking the details of the collar.
Peplum blouse: Cotton On
Leopard print belt: Bangkok
Super casual
Top: Bangkok
Shorts: MNG
Dress for practically any occasion
Work then Play
Mesh Blouse: Bangkok
Black Jeans: UNIQLO
The mesh pattern are in  shape
Pardon my tired and stern looking face from most of the pictures because I took the pictures after coming back from a tiring day of work =.= 

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