Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

Just came back from my recent holiday plus first-time-being-a-bridesmaid-wedding-ceremony for a dear friend  in Singapore. I know right, it's like Singapore is my second country. I visited a few places and you will get to see it in the next few blogs *wanna clear blog debts*. You will see from the next few blogs are mostly picture blogs because I need to put my Lumix G3 into good use right?

This trip, I did some visiting of the beautiful Singapore, gatherings and spend some chillax time. Really glad I did because I really NEED the relaxation. Well, the last trip I visited MBS so to complete the full visit of it, I spend some time strolling around Gardens By The Bay. It's just behind MBS, walking distance.

Though I reckon you visit the place in the evening time, where there's still sun light. You can check out the species and plants there. I went after dinner so only able to capture a glimpse of sunset and night view.
This is taken from the bridge to the garden. You can have a clear view of the river, Singapore Flyer and the Supertree Grove.
Fake sunset shot
Was testing some Expression Shots Mode from my camera, looks like a real sunset or not? The actual view of it is like the picture above.
The backside of MBS
Me and my Bangkok OOTD
Some weird looking tree trunks
Up close of the Supertree Groves
Some of the rock sculptures in one of the gardens
The Supertree Groves changes colours now and then
Dragonfly Lake
This shot from the Dragonfly Lake is one of my favourite spots from Gardens By the Bay. I don't know if you can see clearly from the picture but there's two dragonfly sculpture in the lake. I bet this picture will look better if there's slight sunlight.

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