Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wild Rocket

I'm in such a blogging spirit today that I have to blog 3 post in a row. So that I can make up for my lack of blogging and please forgive me *blink innocent eyes*.

One of the things I love to do in Singapore is trying out new food. My aunt recommended me to Wild Rocket. Everything I have is orgasmic! Yes! I have no other way of describing the food here.

Wild Rocket is located at Mount Emily in Hangout Hotel. The hotel is recommended by TripAdvisor and it really is a great place for backpackers.
The place is very cosy and bright which makes you feel cheerful and have a good appetite.

It was a rush afternoon lunch because it was my last day of my trip and I need to catch the bus. Me and my aunt ordered the set lunch they have which you can choose either 3 or 2 course meal.

Both of us ordered the 2 course set lunch as we both wanted to keep it within our diet but it's so hard to resists!
Nori Tsukudani Spaghettini with Arabian White Prawn
Fun Fact: If you find the naming of the food is a bit weird, fred not there's appendix at the last page of the menu to explain all about it.

The seaweed base dry stir fried spaghetti is something I have never tried before it's a new texture to me. The prawns are fresh and believe me, I usually have allergy after eating stir fried prawns but this one I'm fine with it.
Pomelo Salad with Tiger Prawns and Frozen Coconut Dressing
My aunt ordered salad as her main course. She has a strict diet of her own LOL! I had a tried on it, the coconut dressing does not overwhelm the pomelo, it's very refreshing and surprisingly filling! Maybe is the Tiger Prawns which is served generously.
Bread appetizer 
 I'm not bragging but even the bread served as appetizer taste damn good. It's soft and fluffy like sponge cake. I dipped it with butter and it's just melts heavenly in your mouth. Damnit! It's making me hungry now!
Puree of Roasted Black Sesame with Milk Ice Cream and Green Tea Dust
OMG! The black sesame puree is gooood! Eating it with the milk ice cream taste so smooth and creamy. I like the puree a lot as it still has a bit of the sandy feeling which I like. This dessert is fulling on it's own. If you  have a very very strict diet, I would suggest you just come for the desserts! You will be so satisfy!

PS: Pardon my lack of composition of the dessert pictures because all were taken in a rush and I would like to enjoy my meal more than taking pictures of my food.
Wild Rocket Strawberry Cheesecake
Tell you what, this is the best Strawberry Cheesecake I have EVER had! Most of all, it doesn't even look like a cake! Can you see the side of the white cream? If I were not to tell you what is it, you wouldn't know. It's the actual cheeseeeee..... can die or not? Loving it so much! They served it with fresh berries and Strawberries too. I want to have another one NOW!

I thought my aunt was crazy when she told me, she came with my cousins and another aunt. The four of them had SIX desserts! Guess they are not so crazy after all.

This place is definitely a place I want to come back again! Next time I will spend longer time to enjoy the place and the food 

Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily
Hangout Hotel
10A Upper Wilkie Road
S (228119)
Tel: +65 63399448

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