Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keppel Bay

Keppel Bay is a place where I won't know exist in Singapore if not recommended by a friend. Thanks dear! It's really a nice scenic place if you want to get out of the city view. You can see the sea, sunset and it's a great place to work out too.

There's a lot of people exercising around the park and jogging around the bay too. It's a nice change of place to visit if you just want to have some chillax time. Continue to venture my Singapore photo posts.
Sunset view from the park
Kite flying ~~~
Water hitting the rock bay
Final glimpse before the sun sets
Part of Keppel Bay
I love this grass?weed? thingy.. any idea what is it called?
Walk way bridge along Keppel Bay
There's a lot of ships or yachts at Keppel Bay
Pretty flower
Some private entrance to the resort/condo
Lifestyle of the rich and famous
View of the resort/condo and river
I have practicing quite a lot of night shoots and I know that I really need to get a good tripod. All these pictures were taken using really steady hands and with the help of some stools to stand my camera.

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