Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suppress = Numb?

I'm sure everyone of you have suppress your feelings for certain things or certain feelings. Hoping it will go away after sometime. But have you ever wonder did that suppressed feeling really go away? or already become numb? When it's numb, you will only be immune to that certain feelings. When the same feelings you come across again, you won't be able to fully feel it again. I probably sound like I'm just jabbering stuff, but you get what I mean right?

Let's break it down to what most of you could relate to - love. Don't really care what are the situations but it will just end up you being forbidden from loving that person. What most of you do? Give up? Still hope that you could with be that person in the mere future(somehow, people will always like to hang on to forbidden love cos what you can't end up with will always seems to be the best)? Whatever the answer is, in the mean time, you do have to suppress your feelings for that person, right? And as time pass, the feelings you suppress will just being push behind you day by day. Probably, will end up having numb feelings. It's funny that our brain/heart could block up those hurtful feelings to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Somehow, you kinda forgot what really happen but having to be a person with a zombie heart. (Same page with me yet?)

 When you have numb feelings, you tend to miss out on the coming love which probably will happen in the future. But your brain/heart blocks you from it. You probably would be able to truly feel how great of the love that the future lover is giving to you, right? You probably will end up with a empty heart which is full of loneliness. So my question is does most of you experience such? Does suppressing your feelings will end up to numbness? Will you suppress too much or too deep that somehow one day you'll EXPLODE?

Been pretty stress lately, that's why such *useless/boring* thoughts go through my head. I'm suppressing my pressure for work. It's kinda hard cos I end up getting very jumpy and having hard time sleeping. Another thing is that, I've been suppressing the true person that I am. I don't know why but maybe I'm too concern on what people think of me. I think I'm starting to have those perfectionist sickness. *need help* Though, I'm starting to let lose myself bit by bit. I probably will shock some (sort of, cos known for quite some time already) new friends of who I really am. I feel the evil/rebellious side of me is getting lose. Is it a good thing? *Being emo now*

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