Tuesday, October 5, 2010

- Zen -

Ever have that feeling that all you wanted to be is just to be at a place quietly alone and just be zen/me time/doze your mind/day dream? It's not just having alone time or quiet time is consider zen time right? or doing yoga or meditation is consider zen time right? I guess, just having a temporary time to just have a peace of your mind on your own is consider zen time. At least for me.

I used to feel zen when I was in the toilet because I feel that that's the one and only place where you have your very private moments. Like you would only sing when you are bathing, some people only able to read when their doing their "business", looking yourself most in the mirror, crying and of course being zen. Is like temporary locking yourself up away from the chaotic world and just have some peace with yourself and take big steps back, take big breaths and just pause.

Lately my zen time became when I'm driving alone. I will blast my radio and auto-pilot myself and just drive. Sometimes shout my heart out to sing along with the songs I know. It's dangerous I know but somehow I find it dangerously peaceful. But I will only do it in auto-pilot mode, so no worries.

I feel that is best that we sometimes do get some time to have some peaceful thoughts because this will keep us sane from the insanity out there when you try so hard to keep up or keep hold on it.

So tell me what and when is your zen time?

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