Friday, February 11, 2011

Complain, Defend, Suck it up?

Sometimes life is full of craps isn't it? do you choose to complain bout it? Defend it? or just mainly sucking it all up!?

Mostly people around me just knows how to complain, complain, complain, complain and complain. It's pretty annoying to me and when people does so, I just keep quiet and suck up the crap that they are complaining about. Ya, maybe you think I'm chickening up the crap but giving the situation some stuff are not even worth complaining about. Even if you complain about it, it won't change the situation, cos it already happened. Nobody will give a shit either on you or whatever that you complaining about. People will just hear blah blah blah and wine wain wain from you like a baby.

Sucking up every crap is bad either. It's like you don't give a damn on anything. It's pretty unhealthy too but at least people won't think that you are annoying right? For me is not, not giving a damn on things. It's pretty numb for me. For instance, the food you ordered is not the same as the picture they display in. Surely, is not the same, they advertise it good with good photography skill or good photoshop skill. What is there to complain? But of course it can't be too huge of the difference also. So just suck it up! It's not like someone murder your family so just STFU and eat your food!

As for defending, I think when situations like someone accuse you on something  you didn't do or someone accuse your beloved on something till you can't take it then only you defend. When you defend too much, people will think that you are too serious and can't take any jokes. It's very good to be able to defend yourself sometimes, cos if you STFU all the time, bullies will just continue bullying you know that you will just hide yourself away. When the right time (probably when you can't stand the bullying/critics anymore) comes to defend yourself, we all should and it will show others that we are not that easily being bullied.

For me complaining really is a big no no, sucking it up is just a plain I hack care but doesn't mean I don't know what is happening and defending is when there's a limit for your patience.

What about you guys? Are you the one who always complain? suck it up? or defending yourself?

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