Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blogging testing

Testing 123, testing 123... can you read this? Can you see this? Can you read what I post?

If yes for all of the above then it's a success from blogging with the world's most awesome smart phone ever~~~!!! Yes! I'm blogging with my HTC Desire HD smart phone!

This phone is totally awesomesauce to the max! I heart Android! I heart HTC! These 2 are the best collaboration-combination-match-duo-crossover EVER! EVER!

I also heart the 4.3 inch LCD screen which gives me clear visual and typing on a touch screen is so damn easy! It's not heavy either. I get in touch with all my friends worldwide so much more often and it's so convinent and most of all, all apps are free! FREE! It's FREE! I tell you, it's FREE! Ok, so you have to have data plan to have all these free apps but then you do save a lot of hassle cos you really can do what you do from your lappy or PC. It's almost the same.

Everyday is a new day for learning new stuff from my phone. It is really that smart. Now even better is that I have installed Blogger-droid, I can blog anytime anywhere using my HTC Desire HD! Isn't it awesome?

I can STFU now! Done blogging with my awesomesauce phone now. I think I use the word awesome like the 848332 times already, LOL. Nitez peeps!
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