Thursday, April 4, 2013

Keeping the Tradition

I realized that every year I took pictures of CNY celebration but I never write a post about it. I also know it's April now but time really flies. I think I will be the last person in the world to talk about this year's CNY.

Every year, Grandpa likes to keep the CNY tradition by having lion dance. Every year, everyone with gather at Grandpa's place and chill. Catching up on each other's life. You know, older generations tend to have bigger families compare to now. So, everyone goes on with their life separately all around the world or even those who lives nearby hardly can have time to gather together.

It's like let's be busy but yet we still should keep in touch at least once a year. I really thinks having lion dance every year is a great thing to keep everyone close.

Oh ya, firecrackers are banned in our country but this year the government is nice enough to allow firecrackers during CNY for a few days!
To have firecrackers during CNY is such a perfect thing! I don't even remember the last time I enjoy lion dance this much without firecrackers LOL

Lion dance is great to watch because they always seem to mimic the ways of how a real lion behave.
See... they playfully trying to squeeze their way into this small entrance together.
It's good manners and good prosperous to let the lions say hi to the great great families. 
Again, trying to snatch the mandarin oranges and playing with them selfishly.
It's takes a lot of practice and effort to put on a lion dance show. 采青 'Picking the green' in mandarin means getting good luck in the start of the year.
This lion is really a naughty lion, trying to have a bite of the firecracker. It's always good to have double in the Chinese customs. So, double the firecracker this year too. One already light up from the start and another one to end the show.
The lion is trying to be mischief and up to no good? You just wait and see. 
Frighten and excited at the same time when the firecracker has lid up.
The aftermath... pretty!
Hmmm..... yummy, right? This is the BEST butter cake in the whole wide world! Only available annual by my grand aunt. I should really steal the recipe. OMG! Makes me hungry now!

CNY is always a time when I can rejuvenate and collect my thoughts, it's after all going back home the place I was born. Having everyone close at heart, it's feel very soulful.

How's your CNY? How do you celebrate?

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