Friday, March 5, 2010

My 'virgin' blog

Well, well, well, finally I got to write out my very 'first' blog here. I mean this is not the first time I'm writing a blog, I did wrote blogs during the 'Frienster Decade' but then life got a bit rough and I just wanted to hide away for awhile and just find who and what I really wanted to be. I stop writing blogs about 4 years, I think.

It took me some time to think and man! I do think a lot! about rewriting and owning my own blog ones again. I do worry too much. I worry that nobody's gonna read it, or too many people are going to read it, I don't have the time to consistently have frequent entries and stuffs like that, that goes through my mind. But then what the hack! Don't really give a damn, just do what I want to do, life's too short to be thinking and worrying too much!

Well, here I am with my very 'first' entry here. I know the design of the blog is very distracting or too dull but I'm working on it. I'm still new with using Or let's just hope I get lucky and someone is going to help me with it. :)

till then, hope there will be more entries coming up soon! so stay tune.

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