Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greek or Italian?

You have eaten a lot of Italian food but have you tried Greek before? I don't! A couple of weeks ago, me and my family went to Giovino to try out new flavors. Giovino serves both Italian and Greek cuisines. I don't think anywhere in KL have any Greek restaurant. But maybe I don't go out much.

The interior of the restaurant is very nice and comfy. I like the bar a lot. Giovino is actually a wine shop but it does serve food too. I mean what more greater way to enjoy your wine without eating good food too, right? Check out their wine cellar, it stores a really wide range of wines from various countries that you can name.

The first thing I noticed when I walk in the restaurant is the 'meat bar' (I don't know what is it call). I never walk into a restaurant and one of their displays is a 'meat bar'. It's genius! It's probably to show the customers that serve really good, fresh and quality meats. I guess, as a customer you can choose your meat too? I don't know yet but I'll ask the owner next time I go again.

  The 'meat bar' with those juicy meat, I'm sorry for the vegetarians.

We were seated and made our orders. My dad, as usual will order a bottle of wine. I'm not very good with wine, so I didn't bother with where and what it's name. (I'll take note some day) The wine is good though, smooth, not very dry. If you don't drink wine often, you too will like it. I took pictures while waiting for the food to come. * Btw, I'm sorry that the pictures here are in shitty quality because being forgetful as always, I forgot to bring my camera and all these pictures are taken using my pathetic phone camera! I know, who uses phone camera to take pictures nowadays! Sorry peeps! but bare with me k? *

The very nice bar, I really like the wooden wall design a lot! (We were seated upstairs)
They have sofa for more lay back outing
The wine cellar
Other than wines, they have a wide range of beverage too. From juices, mocktails to cocktails but too bad there's no beer :(
Greek Salad, look at that yummy big chuck of cheese!
Pan Fried Scallops with Sauteed Mushrooms (the taste just explodes in your mouth!)
Greek Bifteki 300 freaking grams! (It's beef patties sealed with Emmenthal and Bacon! What's not to ♥ ?)
Spaghetti Bacon!
 Grilled Sausages 

Those were the starters and main courses. Everything tasted surprisingly great except for the sausages a bit not up to expectation but taste good with black pepper sauce or mustard. Dessert time! We wanted to order the most expensive dessert on the menu or the never-tried-dessert but both were not available. *bummer* We end up ordering the house famous desserts. 
 Giovino Tiramisu
Creme Brulee

The Giovino Tiramisu just melts in your mouth so naturally and the taste of Marsala wine or sweet wine is just heavily strong enough! As for Creme Brulee is alright, my parents say it's a bit too sweet. For me is OK, I got sweet tooth...LOL! All in all, Giovino is a great dining restaurant to have your lunch or dinner, it's also a place to hang out with friends and family because of the atmosphere. It's one of my favorite place to go to now!