Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Treat Weekend

How was your weekend? Mine is just nice. Gave my sweet tooth a treat at my one and only favorite pancake shop - Paddington House of Pancakes
 Paddington House of Pancakes@The Gardens

 The interior design of the restaurant is very cosy and home-feeling. With simple yet vintage kinda look of lightings, brown and brown leather matching furniture, most of all, mirrors all over the place! If you first glance at the restaurant, you'll see the place is pack, good strategy right? :P Not to say they don't have customers, it just make more people wanna dine in. They have a lot of art pieces hanging around the place too... I like the one with Eiffel Tower in Paris during the 20's or 30's. I can't take a picture of it cos a lot of people walking around, maybe next time and with me in it, LOL!
 It was a tea time break, so me and my mom didn't order heavy food. Oh! Just in case you don't know Paddington House of Pancakes DOES NOT only serve pancakes! Pastas, lasagna,  steak, Pancake Burger, Galletes for main courses. You can't imagine pancake as main course with meat right? Me too during my first visit. But guess what? There's more like their unique salad pancakes, Pannekoek Pies, Blinis, famous Dollar Pancakes and more wicked names or pancakes combination you can think of. They all taste awesome! Enough said, it's time for my tea time break.
 Ice Lemon Tea to quench my thirst
Classic American Stacks Cheese Pancakes! ♥♥♥ Cheese pancakes ♥♥♥
 Check out the Heavenly yet Sinful Choco Honeycomb Butter ♥
 combine with maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, ice-cream and bananas (♥ max!!! ♥)
PANNEKOEK - thin crepe filled with full yummies!
 assorted fruits, raisins, double scope ice-creams, almond flakes, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and everything nice!

 Drooling already? Don't wait just head out to Paddington House of Pancakes, all you pancakes lovers like me! Makes me hungry after blogging about it T___T

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