Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alicia's Birthday + StupidGang Gathering


It's also yet another StupidGang gathering to celebrate Alicia's birthday (1 day before). It's just a simple yet happy StupidGang gathering. Although the place that we celebrate in is not any fancy restaurant or special food place but it's special for us because it's for Alicia. Guess where we went? I bet you can't guess it in a million years! It's at Food Garden@The Gardens.

I never eat at Food Garden before, just always pass by and eat at Sushi Zanmai just 2 shops next to it. Well, at first we wanted to eat at Sushi Zanmai but the queue is freaking long! I don't blame them though cos it was a weekend AND during dinner hours. Everyone is damn HUNGRY! So, we decided to skip the queue and go for Food Garden, which is not a lot of people and the food review for some stalls are not bad too from a few StupidGang members. It's not a lot of people so we could have our own sweet time to catch up and LOL so that we won't disturb other people around us. Believe me, we do scared people with our laughter. Of course, there's another reason too, we need to wait for Ken to show up cos he's work got off during dinner hour too. He's so 'Big Face' need bday gal to wait for his arrival :P

Everyone was hungry and some not very hungry but we still went to order our food before the 'Big Star' arrive. Surprisingly(to me), there are a lot of choices of food to chose from.

My Beef Ramen
 Bday Gal's Salmon Bento Set
BoBo's Saba Bento Set
 Fried Mee Hon Wok
Another Wok but is Fried Rice
Korean Kimchi Bento Set (Everything looks so spicy)
Look at the redness of the soup (but Phoebe say is not spicy) 
The most spicy dish - Kimchi! (It's really really really really really SPICY!!!! I can smell the spiciness without need of tasting it, it REALLY IS spicy!!!! *hot hot hot*)
  Ice Kacang for dessert but taste so so only

After almost finishing our food and Ken finally arrived. He took his dinner fast too and everyone starts to camwhore/taking pictures. Of course, we as usual, always have funny conversation and LOL till the tables around us looking at us thinking what were we talking about which is so funny. 
Me and bday gal! ♥
Ken and me trying to act cute (fail? haha...)
Alicia and Phoebe aka 'Mushroom head' for the day (but Phoebe you still look pretty)
Alicia & Coe
 Like Food Garden's design (give me a very comfy feeling)
Me + BoBo + Alicia
♥♥♥ StupidGang group pic! ♥♥♥
more of StupidGang's group pic ♥♥♥
Wendy and her hubby - the newly weds

Enough camwhore time, it's time to sing the Birthday song to the STAR of the day! "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Alicia, Happy Birthday to you~~~~~" *clap clap clap* 
Blueberry Apple Pie as Bday Cake with a candle without any light cos Ken quit smoking! Urrgg... this is when we need a lighter Ken! (OK, OK, OK! just joking Ken, is good that you quit! GOOD FOR YOU)
BoBo was in charge to get spoons for us, this is what he got for us =.="
Then everyone has difficulty in eating the cake, it was fun though *wink*

For you people who do not know how the process of singing birthday song till cutting the cake ceremony is held, this is it!

1.) Pose for the camera holding your cake like it's in an ad.
2.) Pose some more
3.) Make a wish (I know you wish you want more $$$ right? LOL)
4.) Cut the cake. - FYI, there wasn't any knife available, so it's replace by using the back of the one and only big spoon we got
5.) End

★★★ Alicia, this is for you, I know the picture looks noob and ugly and cheesy made but I'll do better next time. :P Hope you had a great time with us! I know we had a great time with you! *Hugz and kisses*


  1. great~~!!!! a bit touch even i'm not the bday gal :P


  2. :) Just glad we had a great dinner and enjoy the night!