Sunday, April 18, 2010

My NARS Affair

Ever sunk your hands on NARS before? The very first time I sunk my hands on it, I have an addiction for it. I remember it was when I went for my Hong Kong trip. I wanted to get myself a nude lip liner pencil and I wanted to try NARS because it's review is very good. I search high and low for it in Hong Kong and I come across Sephora and I know that Sephora do carry NARS. I pop into the shop, search for NARS and try on the color and fell in ♥ with it! I just took the lip liner pencil and just went straight to the cashier and pay. Talking about impulsive shopping... there was no thinking at all, just try, take and pay!

After using the lip liner pencil for sometime, I just can't stop thinking of purchasing or trying out other NARS products. I begin with my search. Reading reviews on top picks products that other people bought. Watch YouTube videos on people using NARS products. I was so obsess with IT~~~!!! Then, X'mas was coming. (I know is quite sometime now) I thought WTH, why not splurge myself some X'mas gift! *grinning evilly* As you should know, NARS is pricey but in the end it just worth every cents of your money. Trust me! So, I went online to choose the perfect X'mas gift for myself. Obviously there wasn't any NARS or Sephora in Malaysia and the nearest place I could get NARS is in HONG KONG!!!! Not even in Singapore! And so you think you can purchase it online, think again!!! NARS doesn't ship internationally!!!!! WTF to the max!!!!  Luckily, I found a guy online that helps helpless gals in such hopeless situation. I pick my orders and was also lucky enough to found NARS having 30% discount! Told you it worth your money! Of course, it does need my patients too. The orders need to wait about 3 weeks time. Everyday, I feel so excited that I finally could own and use more NARS products. Days gone by and every single day that comes closer to the date that my orders will arrive at my doorstep just make me feel so anxious and anticipated. There was a downside though, my purchases couldn't arrive in time for X'mas. I couldn't wear them for any X'mas celebrations. *bummer*

Finally! 3 weeks had gone and the postman arrive at my door and handed me my package. I teared off the envelop quickly and stare at the items I purchased. I'm not exaggerating but really, if you own NARS, you know that kind of feeling - at least for me it feels like that. 
 Loving the dark blue black shade with lots of blue glitters ♥♥♥
With flash, look at the glitter and they are very pigmented
I Want You Lip Gloss Coffret

From what you can see, I already done some damages to my wallet. Anyhow, every items are very very very worth it! I bought the lip glosses in a set cos there are all so pretty and I couldn't make up my mind to which I should buy. And I found this set and all of them are NARS signature lip glosses in 1 packaging and tell myself WTH! The eyeshadow is very glitter and pigmented. It is glittery in a way that only when light is shine on it, cos you wouldn't want to have a big patch of glitters in your eyes, right? I also ♥ how NARS names each of the products, very sexy, naughty and seductive. Make you feel like a sexy person inside. (I wish I am deep down but who's not?!) The lip glosses are named (from left) Turkish Delight, Striptease, Orgasm, Dolce Vita and Greek Holiday. There are all high-shine colored, smooth, long lasting and moisturize. I have not stop wearing them ever since I bought them that I almost forgot I have other brands of lip glosses to use.  ♥♥♥

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