Monday, July 9, 2012

PS. Cafe

Yup, I'm trying not to be a #failblogger so here's a double post in a day after my Marina Bay Sands visit. I visit Singapore quite often since I was young, I can say Singapore it's like my second country LOL.

I have a lot of stuff to talk about during my visits in Singapore which I never gotten to post in my blog, so to break the vicious cycle, I'm going to tell you about one of the nice places I been to during my last trip.

It was on the last day of my trip, I was brought by my aunt to PS. Cafe at Palais to have brunch before I leave.
I like it how they locate their restaurant outstandingly inside a complex. It makes me feel like I'm walking into a garden to have my brunch. 
The interior of the restaurant is bright, peaceful and vintage, I love it the moment I set foot into the place and fall in love with it. Love it that they use REAL flowers and plants inside the place too. There's especially a huge bunch of flowers in the ladies that it's so pretty that I couldn't capture because I can't be bring my camera into the ladies right?
Check out the huge plants they use in the place
The brownish board behind the huge plant is the menu. It has dailies specials on which you can't really find it in the menu. The menus are different in each of the PS. Cafe branches, so make sure you go to the right place for the right food you want to have.
More plants and flowers 
Of course the main thing you want to try in PS. Cafe is their very own special Truffle Fries! Your fries can't be more sinful than THIS!!!
Om nom nom
This IS the best Truffle Fries in town and you better eat it while it's still hot! Taste so good and it's making me miss it so much by just looking at it!
Tasty fries toasted in Truffle oil and is served with lots, lots, LOTS of shredded Parmesan and parsley! I will do anything to have these right NOW!
Seeing a lot of people ordering their sandwich, I too wanted to order sandwich to try. I ordered their Soup & Sandwich set which comes in a few choices of soup and sandwiches to choose from. Their bread are all homemade and it's organic! You really need to balance of your meal after you have sinful Truffle Fries LOL!

Their soup of the day was French Onion Soup which I ordered and Chicken Sandwich. You can instantly know that the bread are freshly made when you bite on it, so soft and fluffy! The chicken filling it's quite plain without any sauce or mayo, so it's healthy! The portion is huge for me so I would share this if I were you because you will need space for a lot of Truffle Fries!
Too bad I don't have much time and quota (calories) for the day to spare, I couldn't try out their desserts. By the looks of the desserts you know they will be good and sinful. Desserts HAVE to be in this way to make you feel happy! Or else it wouldn't be called a dessert, you are suppose to enjoy and forget about the world while eating dessert. That's only my definition ;D
Look at how TALL is this Chocolate Cake. I'll definitely be going back to this place again to just have Truffle Fries and desserts! Please nobody is going to stop me! *furious*

Oh ya! Before I forgot, while I was leaving the place, guess who I saw?! I saw Fann Wong!
In case you don't know who she is, she's a Singapore local actress who's very famous. I was so lucky and surprise to saw her there! I think she smiled at me while I was stunned and keep staring at her! She's as pretty and fair as she looks in screen. Friendly too ;P

Uh! I'm so hungry now, got to stop looking at these pictures, nightz!

Level 2, Palais S.C,
390 Orchard Road,
Tel: (+65) 98348232

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