Friday, April 19, 2013

Melissa VS Free Fish Shoes

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! This entry, it's all about shoes. So guys, you can leave now, kidding you can get pressie ideas, you know?

Anyhow, what material of shoes do you like most? For me it's Jelly shoes! There are the most comfortable material for shoes!

My first jelly shoes is from Melissa and it's their collaboration with Campana Brothers. If you don't know how famous Melissa jelly shoes are, you better brush it up!
Melissa shoes is from Brazil, it was first inspired of a simple plastic shoe from a fishermen in south of France. Since then Melissa is the pioneer in the world of plastic shoes. With innovation and trendsetting, Melissa has collaboration with high end designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Campana Brothers, Jason Wu and so on.
I owned this pair of Melissa shoes for four years plus now, it was a gift from my aunt. It has been my favourite pair of shoes to go for ANYWHERE! Becox it's the most comfortable pair, easy to manage and easy to clean. I really love it a lot! I think this is the oldest shoes I have owned and wore often.
You can see I really have wear it off

I really love the pearly purple highlights reflecting on the dark grey base. It matches with anything! Have you seen any shoes this pretty? 
Too bad as time passed, it had reach it's limit to serve me. My dear old Melissa shoes has broken and so does my heart. Does anyone know how to fixed a jelly shoe? If you do please share! If I am able to revive it I really will.
You see, the side of the shoe has broken off. Of course you think you can still wear it right? But NO! It's not the right fit anymore.

Not long after my Melissa shoes has broken, I found out that we have a Melissa outlet in Malaysia! Isn't it awesome or what?! The outlet is located in One Utama, please go check it out!

Though I found the Melissa outlet in Malaysia, I thought of getting back the same design and colour of my shoes but too bad, it's not available anymore.

I'm quite sadden for quite sometime *not being dramatic but shoes does have sentimental values to me* and I tried to search high and low for other jelly shoes to replace my Melissa shoes. Until I come across Free Fish shoes from Japan! It was during a Japanese fair in Isetan. I wanted to get them but my size is out of stock! FML!

I tried finding it online and found out that Free Fish shoes are the hottest jelly shoes in Japan. I wanted to get them online at Rakuten and Zozotown, they have a lot of designs!

I was so wanting to get them until my friend told me that Bratpack is carrying them too. No need to wait for shipping duration. I finally was able to own my first Free Fish shoes.
Their comfort level is the same as Melissa. I like this design a lot becox it's so chic and affordable. It's navy blue and kind of like Chanel inspired XD Love it!

By the way, it's out of the jelly shoes topic but I just want to share this. It's spring time and I don't know why I seem to unconsciously buying nude shoes.
From left to right: Nose: neon pink nude saddles, Vincci rose gold studs blush pink pumps and Zara French tip Oxford flats.

OK! Back to jelly shoes, I really can't decide which is my favourite jelly shoes brand. It's like asking me to choose who's my favourite child. I honestly can say BOTH are my favourite! If you have not own any jelly shoes yet. Please do and you will not regret, I promise.


  1. I purchased a pair of Free Fish while visiting London and everyone in the States loves them!

    1. They have Free Fish in London?! That's good! I love mine too ;p

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