Friday, January 3, 2014

Another New Year 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Aren't you glad that it's another new fresh start? I do! I want to stop apologizing for all of my late entries from now on. I don't really mind that my blog life can't keep up with my real life. It's a good thing! But, I still will try and post up all of the late entries. I might open a category for those debt blog entries.

I know most of you will be sick of hearing people's new year resolution every single year. Though, I feel that somehow, you do need to set some to keep you motivated, to set out some achievable goals, to keep you going in life.

In 2012, I did set one new year resolution which is to have a more eventful year! Guess what?! It happened! I spend most of my year attending Nuffnang events (mostly movie events), won a couple of club/concerts tickets and attending so many concerts ALL in a year! I did a few traveling overseas too. It was great! 

Last year, I did not set any new year resolutions. I wanted to lay low. Probably too hype up in the previous year. Though I still attending some concerts and get to travel to a few places. It was quite a "cuti-cuti Malaysia" (travel locally) for me. Also, I did a 5KM marathon, pretty cool. It was good. I got more time to focus on my career and also towards the end of the year, I get to figure out on what I want more in life. Oh ya, almost forgot! I read more too!

So THIS year! It's going to be a rollercoaster ride! I'm going to rock out my year! Probably I'm hitting the big 3-0 soon! So need to live it up a lot! I will be setting some new years resolutions. So far, I have are these.
  • Travel more
  • Try to adopt partial Eating Clean habits (for healthier lifestyle)
  • Tone up my body, means exercising
  • Read even more
  • Have more 'me' time
  • Go for a 7KM or 10KM marathon (maybe)
  • Get a diving license, once I have overcome my fear of diving LOL (serious leh)
  • Spend next year's new year eve at another country!
Hmm... I don't think I want to go on with the list, that would make it hard to achieve. That's all for now, I might update it from time to time.

What is YOUR new year resolution for this year? Make them count! Good Luck!


  1. come penang for longest bridge marathon at new penang bridge this year =P