Friday, January 17, 2014

Short Hair NOW!

TGIF peeps! Just a short update on my hair. I have totally chopped off all my damage hair this time. Damages from bleaching, dying, reflexing, dying again and again... so bad. Keeping it short for now.

Not changing the colour of my hair because I still like this Mocha colour on me. So Leslie, my hairstylist suggest that we change the shape of my hair. Keep them short! It's a very refreshing look for me. Takes some ages away too XD

Before showing you my new look for this new year, just want to recap on how long my hair had grown out.
This was the previous lenght after my last visit to the salon. This was taken with Stephy baby in Singapore 

This was just a week before I chopped of my locks! It was taken during a friend's wedding dinner with Nicole who I have not seen since graduation!

And NOW, ***tadah*** SHORT HAIR!
I think the colour shade has gone darker this time eventhough I'm dying the same colour. Probably no more bleached damage hair. Happy!

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