Sunday, February 16, 2014

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense

Ever since I have tried the first bottle of Redken hair serum, I have been religiously using it from then. Until last year I found out my trusty Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Serum has been discontinue! WHY?!
Smooth Down Heat Glide Serum
I search high and low for a replacement hair serum and found this new Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense. It is an eye opener for me and I knew again I have found a better product from Redken! Thank you =)

The Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense is a Silicone free and oil based natural hair oil. The natural oil contains olive, jojoba, coconut and sunflower seed oils. Making it naturally fragrant and pleasant to smell. The Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense helps coarse and distressed hair. It also gives hair triple times stronger and double more shine.

The best of it is that it could protect your hair from damages because it could seals, coats and smooth the hair cuticle to boost shine.

The design of the bottle is so elegant and classy. At first glance it looks like a perfume bottle. It's a bit heavy for a hair serum but it's solid. I have bring it for trips and it did not crack or break. 
Unlike other hair serum usually the bottle has a pump to retrieve the serum, the Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense has a dropper. It makes you feel like a chemist happily playing with your chemicals when you apply the oil on your hair. Or maybe is just me?
I have grown out my hair last year but a lot of damages has been done to it. I have bleach, dyed (several times) and perm my hair. My hair literally feels like hay :S that's pretty bad. That is why I chose Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense instead of Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine. Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine is the same range with the Intense but it's more suitable for normal and fine hair type.
See, long dry hay hair
Close up of my hay
I think I probably have a lot of split ends too, just that you can't really see them close enough through these pictures.

I have been using this amazing hair oil for half a year now (still using the first bottle because it only takes two to three drops daily) and my hair looks so healthy and shine even with the normal damage dyed (once), blow drying and brushing. 
Well, I did chopped of my long locks but with the daily friction I did to my hair, it still looks so good. 
These short hair were taken during this Chinese New Year. I'm so happy using it. By the way, that's my baby niece and she's just faking her tears to look for her mom. Nope, I did not bully her.  
Even before I cut my hair short, my hair was so much better after using this hair oil. No more frizz or dry hay feeling. Much smoother when brushing or styling my hair too.

Other than the improvement you can see on my hair. This awesome hair oil has multiple usage and benefits. Tips: if you skin is dry, try using a few drops of the hair oil on your skin and it could moisturize your skin immediately.

If you like to know how you can maximize the usage of this hair oil, check out this official video from Redken.

If you are lazy to watch the video, here's how you can use the hair oil.

  • You can use it before you shampoo.
  • Use it as an overnight treatment.
  • Mix it into your conditioner or hair mask and rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes.
  • Use it as a pre-blow dry treatment.
  • Or just use it on dry hair.

I usually use it after I have wash my hair and as an overnight treatment. I really love it as much as I love the Smooth Down Serum, *ahem* maybe even more.

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