Monday, June 2, 2014

Short Break Updates

Hey all, a lot has happened since April and my real life have not even catch up with what is going on more along blog about it.

Anyway, this is just a quick and very short update. Let's just take it off from April. I went to Japan for a family trip and totally fell in love with the country. It even change some life perspective of mine. It's like you can never turn back once you have been to Japan. Enough said!

After Japan, it was Granpa 90th birthday. It was a big celebration/ mega reunion in my hometown. Literally almost everyone was there! Everyone had a great time. Rested for a bit. Besties of mine came to KL for a mini foodie trip. I was playing foodie tour guide. Ate so much and also had a great time with them.

Now, I'm in London. So far, I have been here for almost a week now. Jet lag is quite a bi*tch. Can't really sleep and eat right. I guess is aging, never had jet lag before though :( The weather is not that Summer yet but I think it's getting there. My body have to deal with the cold too besides of jet lag. So, I have been a walking zombie for a bit. Though the places I have been so far is very memorable. I have been to Royal Albert Hall for a Star Trek Live Concert, shop and browse around central London on Saturday and chilled out at Brighton beach on Sunday.

Can't wait to share all these adventures with you all, till then ciao!

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